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I’m not the villian :D

Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:29 pm

Hey, this is my ludum dare.. In fact, my first game competition.. So, I’m just so excited – I’ve been up all night for this, maybe I should have slept, but either way, I’m still feeling quite fresh and hopefully, I’ll be able to complete this first compo…

I’ll also be uploading timelapse video, updates and workspace pics later…

Currently, I have this idea- You’ll be playing with two characters and ultimately one of them betrays.. And the secret is- you get to choose the betrayer is and you’ll have to play as that character at last. Also, this will be a platformer game with both puzzles and killing.

Game engine: Pygame/Python

Sound: FL Studio, maybe bfxr also.

Graphics: Inbuilt sprite editor of Gamemaker.

No code base to share, I’ll be starting with a blank screen 😀

Plans to release it as open-source game.

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