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on April 25, 2014

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real world gathering @ InnoGames

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Friday, April 25th, 2014 4:09 pm

here we are again.

the sun is long gone and the BBQ over. With 2 hours to go we are all talking about our ideas and hopes for the theme. We just watched to classic game dev videos and are super pumped to implement all the little suggestions into our games. I think everybody should have watched these videos and if you haven’t there is no better time then just before the start.

you can call me a vlambeer fan boy but these talks are worth it.

One of many suggestion you will get from these videos is to get others to play test your game, as you are to close to it and may avoid bugs / problems (without even knowing it). When there is one thing where real world gathering come in handy than it is this one (- : finding people to play test will not be hard and i am realy looking forward to give and get feedback , to look over the shoulder of others , talk about ideas and get inspired by sharing.

i wish you the very best ! Lets all have an awesome ludum dare!

Michael, Hamburg Germany


real world gathering @ InnoGames HQ

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Friday, April 25th, 2014 7:15 am

we are in!

This is my first time organizing a real world gathering and also the first time to participate. I was watching ludum dare for quite some years now and finally come around to stop watching and DO something!

So this is me introducing myself and our little gathering in Hamburg Germany. I will keep you updated and am looking forward to be an active part of the 29th ludum dare!


InnoGames kitchen area @ InnoGames  Meeting room @ InnoGames roof terrace @ InnoGames

Meeting room @ InnoGames Ludum Dare 29 @ InnoGames

As you can see we have plenty of space, a nice kitchen area to get some cooking going, themed meeting rooms to brainstorm and a sunny roof terrace with a big grill on it (which will be definitely used today !)

As european we have a lot of time before the theme is announced (in fact we will have to wait until 3 in the morning) but i am sure we will use it preparing for the compo (and maybe grilling ;- )

i will be using plain JavaScript for my game as this is what i am most comfortable with and usually the most comfortable thing wins when it comes to deliver in time! This is sure my first LD48 but not my first game jam so i am looking forward to share my game with you and hope all the local participants will do the same (- :

if you are in hamburg germany and just want to say hello i will be happy to eat a bratwurst with you (- :

gl hf!




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