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Day one update – “10 seconds until you change” is born

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:40 pm


got my Idea for the theme “10 seconds”.

My game will be a top-down shooter. You play a human who mutates a part of him every 10 seconds which gives him altered abilities.
To slow down the mutation change frequency the player can inject a stabilizing drug to lengthen the 10 seconds.
The difference between the two mutated abilities depends on the aggressiveness of the mutations. The aggressiveness can also be changed by injecting drugs.
By using an ability, the mutation’s aggressiveness is increased.

Don’t know what the goal will be, probably to get stable or find an antidote.


So far I got the player sprite drawn, a dirt texture and a palm tree.

Screenshot of the game:


The palm tree:




The goal for tomorrow is to get the character to move and rotate.
Another is to get some more environment sprites done so the world doesn’t look empty.
Health-bar, mutation-timer and aggressiveness-timer need to be implemented, too.

Weapons and enemies will be implemented on Monday.

I don’t think I will get the game finished till Monday, but at least I found some bugs in my game library!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:54 am


I am in for the Jam! It’s my third time but I never finished a game.
This time I will be using my closed source library which is more flashed out than my open source one.


  • Go
  • OpenGL 3.3
  • GLFW 3.0.2




No sound. Library has no sound support at the moment :(


My goal is not to give up, if a bug or problem arises with my library.
And to finish a game, which means just uploading something which can be considered a game.

Teddy – After 4h

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 9:00 am


I didn’t write a “I am in!”-post, so I will do this in this one.
I am in! Lets get something done, even if it is just a tiny game!
This is my first Ludum Dare and first game, so much will go wrong.

My setup:

  • Go


  • OpenGL Go binding https://github.com/Agon/Go-OpenGL
  • Glfw Go binding https://github.com/jteeuwen/glfw


  • Gimp as graphic editor
  • Kate as editor

I decided to go with a teddy bear who is lost in a dark forest.
Game will be in 2D and will probably just use the WASD to navigate the bear around.
Progress can be seen here: https://github.com/Agon/teddy

I spent the first 30 minutes drawing the first tree, 2h to get a OpenGL 3.3 context up and running with displaying 2 triangles with a texture on it.
I failed due the OpenGL binding not being complete and lacking many new OpenGL calls.
So I went back to old school OpenGL and after another hour I got the first tree displayed. I drew another one to get variance.

I will take a break now and continue later. Need food and a shower!
More drawing and coding ahead!


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