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[SOLVED] GameMaker UV error: Help needed!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 10:51 am

I beg of somebody if he can help me out with this! I just can’t figure it out!

I’m working on a 2.5D platformer with a friend of mine on GameMaker, and we can correctly render all of our 3D stuff with no problems on our PCs. On other PCs however, no matter which one we try, the UV get completely lost and the 3D models get drawn with a solid color. I understand GameMaker and 3D don’t love each other, but it feels strange that on our platforms it’s perfect while on others isn’t. We also tried running it in the IDE, it still won’t work except on ours.

We included the model files in the project and loaded in the textures as hard-coded sprites. The models are .OBJ files which we load with an extended loading script (d3d_model_load_ext) made by Master Xilo on the YoYo Games forums (http://gmc.yoyogames.com/?showtopic=246230). We thought the compiler didn’t correctly write the script/included files in the standalone (also tried installer version) file, but since running it in the IDE didn’t help, the problem doesn’t sound like it’s connected directly to GR, but rather on something specific on our PCs.

We’re working on a shared folder over a Wi-Fi network, I’m using XP (32-bit) with VERY old gear (8-9 years laptop with upgraded RAM, works like a charm) and my friend’s using Seven (64-bit) with mostly up-to-date gear, all the other PCs we tried out also are mostly up-to-date. GR is Studio 1.3.1307 Standard Edition.

Here’s how it looks like on our own:

And this is how it looks on other ones:

I just can’t think of anything… DirectX, Frameworks, drivers, all up to date, I don’t get how this script can get different results on different machines. Software vertex processing doesn’t affect the results, or changing the save location. It doesn’t look like having installed GR helps, neither like there are some registry issues. Help, anybody?


EDIT: Apparently, GameMaker file-reading functions don’t like commas as decimal separators. *facepalm* So all the coordinates got truncated and resulted as zeros. Good to know I’m the only one that prefers to set English as the system language in my country!

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