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I'm a french second year student in computer science and I love video games!


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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 8:18 am

Hi, for my first LD, i choosed to make kind of a mining game. 

The goal is to survive the maximum days possible. Every day, your supervisor will asy you to bring back a certain quantity of gold (of course the quantity increase over the days). 

The fact is, you can get stuck in the mines, so you have to be careful where you step! If you are not back in time to your supervisor, you will get into troubles. 

I also thought of other cool features that i will add if i have the time, i first have to finish building the main concept. 

So far, i can move around, dig, and harvest gold. store gold in the wooden hut. There is a little introduction by the supervisor that explains the rules.

The day cycle is implemented also.

I have already done most of the ‘art’ so i think i can finish in time for the compo!


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