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Time Syndrome – LD27 Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @devAutlos)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 10:39 am



Play Time Syndrome

Hi all!

This was my first LD. I’ve been using libGDX for about 6 months and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it. Besides, I wasn’t confident enough to participate in a jam yet.

What have I done with libGDX before? 2  games for android and a few tests. The smallest proyect took me about 8 days to finish, how could I make a game in 72 hours? (I was thinking to participate in the jam version).

What went well?:

  • Gameplay and level finished the first day.

I made also some temporary graphics. At the end of the day I was really proud of my job, since I only needed about 6 hours to put all my ideas into the game and make them work. I can’t say my game is perfect, but I like the result considering it has been done in 48 hours (actually about 18 hours, because the other 30 I was sleeping or AFK).

  • More or less polished and not buggy.

The second day I spent about 2 hours making new graphics. I started with Pickle trying to animate some pixel art, but then I realized I suck at drawing and opened Inkscape. God, as you can see, my graphics are not great, but are far away from my usual skills (I need to repeat: I really suck making graphics).

After those 2 hours, I used the remaining time to polish stuff.

  • I learned in 48 hours more than in 2 months.


What went bad?:

  • Only one level.

I think this is the worst thing of my game. I needed to focus 100% on finishing the game, so I didn’t code it thinking on implementing more levels. Also, the game mechanics made really difficult to think in more challenging levels.

People say it’s difficult, but after some repetitions you will learn the trick. There are about 4 ways to finish it in time, only one let you finish below 5 seconds.

  • Some minor details.

There are some details that make the player experience a bit weird:

  1. Background music in loop can be annoying.
  2. When you win, the screen doesn’t freeze for a few seconds, so if you are spaming repeatedly you will restart the game without noticing you won.
  • Code quality.

Due to the time limitations, I didn’t focus on making good and clean code, I didn’t think about performance. This means maybe I’ve learned a lot, but in a bad way or with bad habits.


That’s all. And of course thanks for reading ^^.

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