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What’s up! Two-time jammer here looking to make a third game this weekend. I’m sure everyone can agree when I say that this theme of Pepsi Consultant is going to be the best – wait, what do you mean that didn’t make it? I WAS PROMISED MOUNTAIN DEW!

Potential tools and technologies:

  • Engine – Unity
  • 2D Graphics – GIMP, Krita, Pickle
  • 3D Graphics – Blender
  • Sound – Audacity, sfxr, my own two lips
  • Music – Melody Assistant, pxtone

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be livestreaming, but if I do choose to I’ll be sure to post when I go online. Look forward to seeing all y’all’s games on Sunday! Good luck!

Guiding Lights – Jam entry

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 10:49 pm

Hey all, got you a new game to play right here:

Guiding Lights

We ended up blending several of the final themes together (some by accident) into this game. You only get one light to make it through a pitch-black puzzle filled with traps and false leads, with guidance from several friendly flames. If you’re afraid of the dark, this might not be the game for you; my wife played it for only a short while before having to walk away. If the dark merely makes you uncomfortable, you can still have a lot of fun!

I’m glad we did the Jam, as there were several IRL commitments this weekend that kept all of us from being able to put in our full time. Can’t argue with the results, though! Special thanks to OpenGameArt.org and their contributors for such awesome music and sound effects!

– @atomic_swerve (Piers)


Checking in for the jam

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 12:37 am

Hey y’all, this is my second LD and my first time working with a team. We’re very excited about the theme, but will not start work until tomorrow morning (it’s been a long week, we need our rest!). So far, we have brainstormed about the theme and come up with some strong options involving exploration aided by a tool “you only get one” of. We’ll probably have more details tomorrow after we’ve had a chance to sleep on it, looking forward to having some screenshots to share sooner than later.

This should be good night

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 3:22 am

While I have gotten the full gameplay, level scripting, and much of the audio work (including music) completed, my graphics are still a disaster. Like, I’m not going to show you a screen shot. It’s still all planes and capsules, and with functionally 8 hours left (if I bother sleeping) I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to get in the way of modelling, animating, and texturing done. The only reason I’ve put this aspect of the project off this long is that I have no practice or skill at it!

That said, I’ll do my best so I can have no regrets. I’ll try streaming again tomorrow (http://www.twitch.tv/atomic_swerve), hopefully the Nvidia updates I installed today will make my graphics more stable. Unfortunately, I’ve found that when my graphics driver crashes it takes Blender (and all my very possibly unsaved work) with it! I can’t avoid working with it any longer, though, I need to get something done graphically or the game is going to be super bland. My full to do list for the remainder of the compo:

  • Create at least one human model and texture
  • Create a giant hammer model and texture
  • Create a running animation and an attack animation
  • Finish recording audio for player character actions
  • Use level scripting to create a few distinct stages
  • Create at least a scoreboard GUI
  • Add graphical diversity to the stages (colour at the very least)
  • Possibly add some particle effects on hit
  • Touch up audio (balance, remaster etc.)

And of course the final step will be to learn how to export from Unity. If I have done it before, I certainly don’t remember how I did it…and I’ll want that done well in advance of the 30-minute mark, I imagine.

…If I fall asleep right now, I am not going to wake up again until there’s only 6 hours left (oh god I am so tired why didn’t anyone warn me this would happen). I am debating trying to stay awake, but I have already seen consequences of my brain trying to work as tired as it is now. However, the hardest parts are done and most of what remains are brute-force trial and error tasks that just need time to be completed. I just realized I’m mulling this over publicly. I shouldn’t post this, it’s not like it’s live yet. This is just a stream of consciousness communication with myself, trying to rationalize staying awake for another ~12 hours. But you need to see it. Yes, you, fellow LD’s. You lured me into doing this, what with your excitement and hype. You’ve reduced me to passionately whining into a blog post about how passionate I am to work for a solid 36-ish hours to finish a game for the world to play. Yes I am staying up, you’ve convinced me. I’m too excited and scared after writing out that list. I hope you’re happy (yes you).

I am really going to need a weekend after this is done, though. Man, can you imagine if you had to go back to work right after finishing your first Ludum Dare? Hah! I feel sorry for anyone that does.


What my neighbors must think

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 5:02 pm

I decided to have a little fun today after fussing about with character models and record some “yelping” noises. It was a cause of great distress for my cat, and I’m sure the upstairs folks weren’t uber-thrilled.

I may revisit these later and process them some more, but here’s the best takes so far: Ninja Yelps

My game has something called a “Ninja Fountain”

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 1:22 am

I’m kinda tired which must be why I find this funny.

My theme musings

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 8:06 pm

Work is well under way for “Suddenly, Ninjas” and I wanted to share a little more about what I’ve done so far.

Here is the transcript of my discussion with my stream about how to use the 10 seconds theme, with non-rejected ideas in bold:


First ti[m]e, please be gentle

Posted by (twitter: @atomic_swerve)
Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 11:00 pm

Hey all, this is going to be the first LD I’ve gotten up the courage to commit to. I’ve been lurking for the last few years, but only now feel like I have developed the ability to contribute something worthwhile.

I’m going to be using:

Unity3D for development

Blender3D for 3D modeling and animation

The GIMP for 2D textures and art

Audacity for audio effects

Melody Assistant for music

I will not be using any base code, as I haven’t done enough game development to have any worth working from!

Until the compo actually starts, I am going to be streaming my after-work practice sessions on my Twitch channel. I literally just set that up, like, yesterday, so I welcome any feedback on my presentation, audio balance, etc. I am simultaneously new and out of practice at some of these tools (I haven’t used Blender in several years, it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT), but I’m going to do my best to avoid broadcasting newbie errors and time-wasting documentation references.

I’m very excited to finally be a part of this community, and I hope everyone else is pumped as well!


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