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Asentrix 33 Log #3 – Coming along smoothly

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 6:34 am


Ok it has almost been 36 hours and I have made much progress. I had a GIF prepared, but it won’t let me post it. It showed off the awesome battle system I’ve been working on all day.  I’m not sure what my game is or even how to describe it, but I’ve taken some awesome liberties with the theme. You will definitely play a horrid creature!!!
Well since I couldn’t share that GIF here are your opponents!
Hunter Spade Hunter Club Hunter Heart

Asentrix 33 Log #2 – What Makes a Fighter

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 4:03 pm



Alright time for some updates. I have finished making all the core characters. That’s the one you see in the screenshot plus three others. The UI will basically be laid out like you see. I’m currently coding in all the things that make a fighter a fighter and I’ve made plenty of progress. With some luck I might have some gameplay to show off before I go to sleep.

Asentrix 33 Log #1 – Were just getting started!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 2:20 am

Alright so I wanted to do a quick post with my progress. So the theme is “you are the monster” and after going out for some dinner I had the perfect idea to play around with the theme and still kinda do what I wanted to do in the first place. I have the main character all pixeled out and I’ll be pixeling the other characters until I sleep. When I wake up I will get to work on the mechanics and getting everything working. I plan to have all the core mechanics done before I post again actually! This way I can show you more than the main character!

BattleRiser X

Yup! I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 7:38 pm

Asix Jin armed and ready!!! As always am I crazy excited for Ludum Dare! Good luck to everyone and let’s makes some awesome games this weekend!

Unity3D (C#)
Visual Studio
Pyxel Edit

Asix LD32 Devlog #4 – Almost to the finish line!!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 1:38 pm

This has been a fun Ludum Dare if I do say so myself. I think my entry, Ninja Shine, shows so much improvement over what I accomplished in LD31 with Monster Buster. It was nice to work in a team and not have to worry about graphics. Unfortunately after this post I have to go to work, but I’ll be getting off early to come finish up my game.

I’ve added another enemy for a total of three. One of my enemies don’t work exactly as I imagined, but I think I figured out a good workaround. I just realized this morning that my game really has no Win/Lose Condition so I’d really like to fix that when I come home. I also have to add this great music that was made for Ninja Shine and get these animations in.

So the way I see it I will have three hours when I get home so most of that time will be spent making everything pretty. We are almost to the end of our journey. If you want to see some last minute awesomeness you should keep you eye out on my twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (@AsixJin). Sleep is so close!!

Asix LD32 Devlog #3.5 – Assets Credits

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 5:57 pm

I feel bad that I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’d like to give props for my assets. Of course I will mention them in my entry’s post, but I wanted to post it now because they our really nice so without further adieu…

Enemy Graphics (I currently only have this under a basic license)

Dungeon Tileset (I currently have theses under a pro license and testing these for use on a bigger project)

Player Graphics


Asix LD32 Devlog #3 – Mapping it All Out

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 5:43 pm

Progress is coming along for my game and it is looking pretty good. I actually need to come up with a name my entry. I have to take a friend up the road shortly after this post so it’ll probably be good to get some air and take a break. I have work tomorrow so I won’t be getting a lot of sleep, but that’s ok because I love me some Ludum Dare.

Since my last post I have finished the map for my first level. I don’t think I will have time to do another level, but the finish line is in sight. I now have two enemy types that will hopefully provide variety. I want to do another one, but I can’t think of anything to do with the time allotted but who knows.

I am really excited for you all to hear the music so hopefully I can show some of that by time I post again. As always I post some pretty neat stuff on my Instagram, Twitter, and especially my Snapchat (all @Asixjin) so check that out in between post.

P.S – Check this out!!!!

Asix LD32 Devlog #2 – Nice and Steady

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 3:50 am

Man I am super late on the devlog but that’s not without reason! My entry is playable and all that’s really left to do is the map for the level. I will probably post a video tomorrow sometime so you can see what is going on with my game. It’s looking pretty good and I think my weapon is rather “unconventional”, but that makes it all the more useful.

There will be two enemy types and the 1st one is done. I am currently working on the other one which will be made to give you run for your money versus the first enemy. I am trying a lot of new stuff here and I like a lot of the stuff I have already implemented. This Ludum Dare is already making me feel like a better developer. Good exercise right here!

Also the music is coming along nicely and as soon as it comes out the oven I will let the world listen. I’ve been posting a lot of my progress on Instagram and Snapchat (@AsixJin) so check those out from time to time if you can. Hopefully my next devlog post won’t be so far off!


Asix LD32 DevLog #1 – The 1st Collab

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Saturday, April 18th, 2015 4:26 am

Well it is finally that time where we all get together and put our skills to the test! It’s Ludum Dare 32 and it’s as lively as ever. This is my fourth or third LD and the second I intend to finish. I’ve been anxious to get started on this since December and here we are! I am also excited to say this is the first time ever I am not working solo, but well get to that in a minute. I hope everyone working on an entry is making progress and doing well. Now with that out the way, let me let you in on how it’s being going on my end.

The theme “An Unconventional Weapon”…It doesn’t do it for me but I think I have an idea that will fit pretty well. I had a great brainstorm session with my teammate, Crash (aka BetterMan of RMVBM), and came up with an idea that does well with the theme presented. Crash will be doing the music while I worry about everything else. I’ll be using graphics I bought off GameDevMarket and a couple off OpenGameArt. I really wanted to do the graphics myself, but I knew this would be a little unrealistic even considering how much my pixel art has improve since LD31.

I really hope to have something playable before my next post (anywhere in the next 8 or 12 hours) so keep yours eyes open. Despite an issue I had between GIT, my new Macbook Pro, and my Desktop (I had to remotely use the command line of my desktop to re-push my repo up after a mistake) I am making solid progress so we will see. Here’s a sneak peek to hold you over.


If you want to keep up with the updates of my Ludum Dare 32 journey then I highly suggest snapchat but there is also Instagram and twitter (you can find me at all social medias @AsixJin). Also I can be found via my LD Post (Also tagged with Devlog#X, X being the Devlog number, AsixJin, and LDXX, XX being whatever LD it is)

Asix LD31 Post Mortem: Monster Buster

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Friday, December 12th, 2014 12:20 pm

This was my third attempt at Ludum Dare, but the thing that sets this attempt apart from the others is that I actually finished something! Making Monster Buster was a challenge and a fun one. I learned a lot about Unity (my tool of choice) and a great deal about coding. Even brushed up on my pixel art and even added in some old music I did awhile ago that’s been getting good comments. Overall this has been a great push forward in my endeavors to be a developer!


While I am definitely a better person after doing LD31, there are a lot of things I hope to improve on in the next Ludum Dare. I have issues staying focused and my time management could use some work. Actually my time management wasn’t too bad, I just have to adhere to the plans I set for myself. I’m not really a guy who likes structure, but I am learning to live with it. Even while writing this Post Mortem I am trying to make sure my thoughts flow and I am not rambling on. Hope I am doing a good job!


Another thing I have discovered about my game developing style is that I have a hard time making prototypes without graphics. For some reason I cannot code the game until it looks like a game! This means I am work on the graphics before I work on the core game. While this could work on my own personal projects, this fact almost prevented me from completed Monster Buster on time. Hopefully by time the next Ludum Dare comes around I will have broken the habit. I just like my games to look nice from start to finish is all.


Honestly this Ludum Dare has caused me to push myself in ways I never imagine. I freaking made my first battle system, something I thought was outside my abilities before LD31. Actually most of what I accomplished with Monster Buster was stuff I learned on the spot.  My biggest achievement during LD31 was me learning how to use co-routines, something I shied away from for awhile because I found it kind of complicated. Ludum Dare was the Namek that unlock my hidden potential. I feel invincible!

So what does Asix Jin have planned for the future with his new hidden potential? Well you can expect Monster Buster to expand and be on android devices everywhere in the future. I have already started writing up some plans for it and I am beyond excited about it. I will also be doing a lot of jams next year since I see them as the best way for me to practice and further myself. I even want to get back into learning more about music production (mainly in FL Studios and Famitracker) since my music in Monster Buster has been getting good comments. To be honest I want to be a triple threat so I will be throwing in some pixeling in my training regime. Ludum Dare 31 is only the start of the awesomeness to come so please don’t forget the name Asix Jin Trigger!

I made three devlog post during LD31 which can viewed via the links below

Devlog #1

Devlog #2

Devlog #3

To play the Ludum Dare Monster Buster click this sentence!

Asix Devlog #3: Bittersweet Excitement!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Monday, December 8th, 2014 7:19 am

Ok…I am tired and ready to go to sleep cause I have been working on my Ludum Dare entry since I opened my eyes. That’s a little over 14 hours that I have been at my computer working my damnest to complete my first Ludum Dare! As stated in my last devlog, I work a little backwards so I finished up my graphics and went directly into working on the battle system. The battle system is what has kept me up so long…but I have finally finished it!

I am so happy to have completed my 1st ever RPG turned based battle system! It’s very simple and straight forward but I never thought I would be capable of such a feat. I want to jump for joy and have a party, but I think Imma celebrate with sleep. I should have about 6-4 hours to finish up after I wake up, so as long as I don’t hit another snag, I will have made it to my ultimate goal…FINISH A LUDUM DARE ENTRY!!!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what I have going!

Asix Devlog #2 – With possible failure comes experience!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 2:17 pm

Ok I am going to be completely honest…I may not finish this game in time, but for once that doesn’t discourage me. I am learning so much just doing and trying things in Unity. I am getting a better handle on the new Unity UI controls, I’ve learned more about the 2D tools, a little about materials, and my coding is improving. I can’t even consider this a fail if I don’t finish because of all that I’ve learned. However this isn’t me waving my white flag in the air. I am still working hard to complete my 1st Ludum Dare!

I have this issue where I work on games backwards…I said I was behind during my last devlog, but in hindsight I just did what I was suppose to do today, yesterday. I wanted to have a prototype running by 1am my time (roughly 14 hours ago at the time of post) but I can’t seem to get a game functional until it looks like a real game…This means that I usually pump out some graphics. I kinda wish I didn’t work like this, but it keeps me going.

With that being said, here is what Tiny RPG (Working Title) looks like now! I have all the graphical stuff out the way so now to getting the battle system working. Once that’s done it will just be a matter of putting in the content….Hmmm….Might have this finish after all!

Asix Devlog #1: A little behind but feet don’t stop me now!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 10:09 pm

What’s up! Asix Jin here just to give a little insight of what I am doing for Ludum Dare 31. I’ve decided to do a micro-RPG where all the menus and battles will take place on one screen therefore “the entire game is one the one screen”. I haven’t got a name for it but Tiny RPG is the placeholder title until (or if) I come up with a better name.

To be honest, I am behind. I wanted to have a prototype ready by 1am, but with 2 hours to go I not to sure I’ll make my deadline. This, however, isn’t stopping me and I am pushing forward. Once I have the core game working, setup up it will probably be more of a matter of balancing and adding content. Below is what I have thus far…..

Asix Jin is in for Luduming!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 5:31 pm

I thought I would post on the website and introduce myself. I am Asix Jin Trigger (Asix Jin for short) and this is my 2nd/3rd attempt at Ludum Dare and of course I am extremely excited. Yesterday I did what I called Asix Next Day Shipping Jam in which I made a quick word game prototype in preparation for Ludum Dare. Just something to get my gamedev muscles moving.

I have been developing for a year and I have a lot to learn but I am getting there.  The first game I’ve ever completed was a game for #1GAM last December and it was done in Stencyl. I tried using Stencyl as my primary engine, but I found the code blocks very limiting so I moved to Unity (especially since, at the time, the 2D tools were coming in). Thanks to my very basic knowledge of other coding langauges, C# was easy to pick up and I completed my 1st Unity game around April. Couple of months later I entered the Indie Quilt game jam and even won 2nd place!  In the present I have been preparing for 2015 and my 1st big game project. I want to do more game jams to practice as I form my team for said project.

Well now you know a little more about me and I hope I wasn’t a bore. I’ll try my best to post progress as I move along. I’ll also be updating my blog and all my social media. So with all that being said good luck everyone…IT’S TIME TO LUDUM DARE!!! (Well not quite but soon my friends)

Unity + C#

Want to know more about me?

Yogo’s Quest Update!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 2:02 am

So I’ve been learning a lot about Stencyl as of late and doing these game jams are helping me tremendously. Unfortunately I have done 4 game jams to date and only completed 1 of them (kinda), but I actually don’t feel bad because I’ve been learning so much and each jam I’ve been able to do more than the last. Eventually my skill will match my creatively masterminded imagination and I’ll actually finish a game jam with a decently polished game. I mean people can do amazing games in such a short time….But I digress.

With all that above being said I don’t think Ludum Dare 28 jam will be a jam I’ll finish in time. I’ve spent a lot of time at work (12 hour shifts since the jam started save for today and tomorrow), sleep, weekly date with girlfriend(those are mandatory mind you :p), and thinking of a simple enough idea to do for the jam whilst messing with Stencyl for hours trying to do simple stuff. I was simply unorganized but I’m still learning and I’ve decided to focus on this and my #1GAM game for the rest of the month before I do back to focusing on my book for awhile.  It took me all day to do the simple Gameboy boot screen with my logo on it but boy when I finished it I felt accomplished. I even did this nice simple behavior that handles my scene transitions. I’ve used a lot of pre-made behaviors for things I just cannot do but when I create my own I fell kinda empowered.

I’ve finally started taking game dev a lot more seriously these past two months and this has been a fun ride. I take any chance I get to polish my new found skill…Hell I even know what I want my first big project to be (already writing down the schematics and story line).  I’ve also, as stated above, plan to get back into my writing and possibly my comic series. I like to keep busy doing what I truly love I guess.

I guess this was more of an in-depth introducing to Asix Jin, but the actually point of this post was to 1)actually post something (that seems to be encouraged here) and 2)show off what I’ve done thus far which isn’t much but I still but I lot of work into it and I am proud to show it to you all. Hopefully I can have more before the jam is over, but regardless I will still be working on it. As stated in my 1st post to Ludum dare, I am using Pokemon tiles as a base for my game and I’m not sure weather I wanna mix in GB Zelda style characters or GB Pokemon style. Still not sure what this will be, but I’m working on it!  Till next time!


Introducing Yogo’s Quest!

Posted by (twitter: @asixjin)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 2:56 pm

Let me introduce myself. I am known across the interwebs as Asix Jin (aka Jin Trigger). This is my 1st Ludum Dare and my 4th game jam taking part in. I’ve only finish one game jam, but I’ve been learning a lot since. I’m really excited to be taking part of Ludum Dare even though there is a big chance I may not finish with work and all, but I continue to move forward.

I’m (unfortunately) still not sure exactly what I want to do, but I have an idea. My game will follow Yogo (get it) on a quest to escape a mysterious dungeon that draws you back to the top if you don’t make it out in time. I was gonna use Mega Man sprites as a template like I normally do when I have to sprite up some graphics quick, but my lovely girlfriend suggested using the GB Pokemon games as a base instead.  I’m using Lavender Town’s Pokemon Tower as a base and I’m doing my best to not make it different (I think I’m doing an ok job of that). At the moment I’m using Red as a placeholder for Yogo, but I’ll probably worry about attending to that once I have the game mechanics down. Here’s a screenshot 😀

[cache: storing page]