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Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Monday, August 23rd, 2010 12:21 am

And I didn’t submit anything.

Not like I had anything worthwhile, so not a big loss.

But, I still love how Ludum Dare helped me work on my non-LD game.

I won’t post a link yet, for it’s not fun yet.

Teaser (again)

Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Saturday, August 21st, 2010 2:27 am

Here you go, the actual first image of my game ever.

The idea is for you to use the diagrams to interpret my own custom CPU, which runs the actual game.

something, or other

If you don’t get it, wait for the release.

(the spellcheck is set to Polish, btw, sorry for that)

A teaser

Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Friday, August 20th, 2010 11:18 pm

11x 00y – compare Rx to Ry

05x yyy – add value at yyy to Rx

That’s MY game. >:D

(EDIT: Yes, I know GreaseMonkey said my game is going to be for the Apollo 11 space shuttle. I’m rewriting it.)

X3 is the new Paul!

Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Friday, August 20th, 2010 6:10 am

(that Paul from the world cup who picked the winners)

<asie[muted]> .8 Will I win Ludum Dare, though?
<@X3> asie[muted]: Yes.


<Devlin> .8 Am I going to beat asie[muted] by 0.1% in LD18?
<@X3> Devlin: It’s hard to be sure.

<asie[muted]> .8 Will Notch be second place?
<@X3> asie[muted]: In your dreams…

<TenjouUtena> .8 Will I be second place?
<@X3> TenjouUtena: Yes.

After much extra arguing, we got to these results:

X3’s pickings for Ludum Dare 18 are:

1st place: asiekierka

2nd place: TenjouUtena

3rd place: mrdude


Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Friday, August 20th, 2010 1:40 am

Screenshots of my past LD games:

Yes, thats all of them.


Hey, it’s-a me, asie!

Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 11:57 pm

So, this is going to be my first Ludum Dare. Ever.

I have a surprise ready, though.

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