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Mr Sunshin aka sunrain – SummerGameJam

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Saturday, July 26th, 2014 8:03 pm


Mr Sunshin aka sunrain was created over the weekend for the SummerGameJam.

I’m pleased to say that all art assets used were created during the jam. Scripts were reused, but reworked.

Game Development Process

The process began with a felt sketch on white paper. A sunshine, or should I say – Mr Sunshine (later corrected to Mr Sunshin). Some character sketches were also produced but these were not used as reference. A felt drawing that Dolly drew was used for reference when modeling the player character  in Blender. Mr Sunshin was also modeled – with a range of shapes and tips.  Export models into Unity3d. Create scenes with models – add scripts and lighting.

Go back and produced digital paintings in GIMP, using the 3d scenes  as inspiration. This painting was added to the game.

After sleep and food – modeling in Blender took place again. This time it was to create some storm clouds and lightning. These were created and added to the game.

At this point I cleaned everything up, made sure it was working alright.

I had started to add a admission half way into the game – same idea as the title screen where you have to click (or even better – collide) to move onto the next level.

The game is very quick – each scene lasts 5 seconds, but that’s all you really need to experience. The camera can’t move, there is limited interaction anyway (only clicking to move characters).

I hope you enjoy the game.





Play now free

Downloadable Linux native build, and unity web player for Windows/OSX.

game jolt (ads)

itch.io (no ads, donate!)

Google Play 


Future Summer

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Monday, July 21st, 2014 12:03 am

I made a game over the weekend for Mini Ludum Dare 53rd. The theme was – The Future Is Now.

The name of my game is ‘Future Summer’.  It is a combo of first person platformer, 3rd person mouse click to move, and cinematic scenes of the camera moving.

The game was made with my usual process – digital painting, 3d modeling, texture painting, and finally game design with Unity3d.

Go play it at GameJolt – Future Summer, and get more details/process at BroBeurKids – Future Summer

snapshot16 snapshot15 snapshot13

SpotWalker 0.1 Build

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 7:43 am

Update on the game.

I’ve imported the assets that I created in Blender into Unity and created a basic, minimal scene. Added a first person camera. Some 3d assets rotate on mouse movement. Sound was added. I created this sound by tapped on my computer, then another layer of clapped, and another of slapping my face. I’m not a music person, but at least I’ve created some sound for the game.

Here’s some screenshots:


Overall of the scene in Unity


The ‘title scene’ in game


Pathway in game


You can play this build in web browser here.

Windows users are also able to download the zipped version of the exe here.

This is early stages and I plan on working on it further tomorrow. At least its something.

SpotWalker Process: First 3 hours

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:44 pm

Update on LD48 so far. The theme is Minimalism. I’ve given it the name SpotWalker. It was a random name and the only reason why I did this is because i created spots on textures. Anyway, so far I’ve done a page of notes with a quick sketch, created some minimal 3d assets in Blender (my 3d assets are usually minimal anyway), textured (again minimal), and exported these off as .obj. I now plan to import these into Unity and create a level. I think I’ll do something first person.

Check it out on GITHUB!

Here’s screenshots of process so far:


Notes taken from Wikipedia. Quick minimal sketch of my cousin playing games


Models in blender. More poly count with further back


Wireframe of assets


UV map texture painting in GIMP. Similar idea with all texutres


Textures applied to the models. Minimal!

ld481 ld48-bak2 ld48-bomv-2 ld48-shape2 ld48-top2 ld48-6


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