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hi there I am an Algerian game developer how love to make games .... I have very colorful Ideas ... I develope on HTML5 and Action Script 3 ... and hoping to make it big as an indie game developer


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10Sec Switch :Post Mortem

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 10:21 am

So It was my first LudumDare ever, even though I have tried to take part in the past one with theme of “You are the villane “I came up short of Ideas, and I called quits in the first day, and I think what prevented me from creating my first entry back then is the fact that I haven’t created any game before, but this time I came ready with 5 games under my belt, four of them were part of much smaller Game Jams then #LD48.

When the theme “10 Seconds” been announced even though I voted -1 , but I was excited because the possibilities was as wide as the Human Imagination , the Idea of my game came when I was discussing the theme with my sister , a game where you can control the game monsters for 10 seconds being in my mind before but I let it go because the huge amount of content I had to make in order to do it justice , but I thought that this was the best Idea I have so far and I better start working ,I took a pen and a paper and I wrote a small to-do list , after making five games using to-do list I started to understand the time line that is needed for each to-do list .

I use the excellent Construct2 HTML5 game engine, it have a built-in platformer engine so I was able to start on the switching to monsters after an half an hour (with graphics of the main character being made ) , the mechanism had two main parts; the monster behavior when it is controlled and when it is not ,but it wasn’t very tricky therefor I was able to finish it with 3 types of monsters with their graphics ,but the tricky part was believe or not the magic balls maker , I just couldn’t find a good way to make it behave properly  ,so I made a crapy one that was “close enough” and called it the day.

I get up with sun the next day (I always am) , refreshed after a good night sleep ,I had the levels next on my to-do list ,so I took my pen and paper to the garden in my house and started sketching the levels ,I was shooting for 4 levels so I sketched them out , and started working , the graphics being my weakest attribute ,I needed a simple to make pretty art style that goes well with my pixel art elf , and Limbo came to my mind with it dark art ,so black colored art it is .so when six PM rolled around (I take a lot of breaks ,I watched a soccer match too to ease the pressure too)  I had my four levels finished lacking sound but playable , so I had my brother and two sisters to play it (I don’t have Internet in my house because a major telephone lines replacing that took 6 months so far XD)  thanks to them major level  design bugs have been found and fixed that I didn’t even noticed them at all , I added sound by using Bfxr and made a quick music loop using fruity loops and upload .

My first LudumDare entry ever “10sec Switch”

Sunday, August 25th, 2013 1:06 pm

I finaly made a game for the 48compo

here is the basic Idea ; you can shoot a mgical bullet into monsters and you can controlle them for 10 seconds :)

here some screenshoots




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