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i hate the dark post-mortem/analysis

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 7:13 pm

ihtd two

the game i made is a short puzzle/text adventure game based on a walk home i take a few times a week. it’s a short walk but goes through a park and down a few alleys, and in the dark i get a bit spooked. i start imagining what’s causing the sounds and the shadows and usually it’s something out to murder me. when i do the walk feels a lot longer. it is also an appreciation of playstation era horror games.

the basic idea of my game is a world obscured by a frightened and wild imagination, and a short walk that feels much longer than it actually is. the more frightened you feel, the more the world is cluttered with mazes and black space. when you feel calmer, by sitting on a bench, the world opens up a bit more.

ihtd one

unfortunately i didn’t have much time to do this, and pretty much had to scrape the thing together in a day. i quickly wrote a first draft of the game text, and was pretty sure it was going to be a twine game, but i also really wanted to put in some goofy playstation horror puzzles, scouring a mansion looking for arbitrary objects with strange names like Emblem of Destiny and putting them in statues to open doors, that sort of thing, so i figured my best bet would be RPG Maker. RPG Maker has a really neat map tool that lets you basically make a black void in game space in seconds, and everything else is an added bonus, which is what i was going for. it’s not that i don’t respect Twine Space, i’m just more familiar with RPG Maker.

i also wanted to create a sense of claustraphobia and feeling ‘trapped’. i talked to Crypt Girl lillith about this kind of thing, and figured the best way to do this in this game would be to emulate that feeling in old RPGs of an NPC getting in your way of a single tile path or bridge. lots of long corridors and maze-like walls blocking your way. it turned out pretty well, i think. i tested the screen with the shadowy figure blocking your way about 10 times and it definitely made me feel trapped.

when it came to executing these ideas, however, i think they get lost a bit in monotony and rushed mechanics. if i’d had more time i would have liked to flesh these ideas out more and make it all more coherent. the text is sloppy, i didn’t have time to edit it, so it’s all from the first draft.

overall though, i think it was an interesting experiment, and it felt good to just be making games again and to finish something. this is my sixth ludum dare now!

hopefully that gibberish didn’t disuade you from playing my game.. you can find it here:


*********SOUND PUZZLE SOLUTION************

i realise this puzzle is kind of silly and biased towards those familiar with rpg maker (and maybe not even that might help). when i made it i didn’t even think about how esoteric it was. recording the clues at a low quality also didn’t help! overall just poor execution.

anyway, the idea is that you get the clues from the trash which are ”H”, ”menu” and ”escape”.

inside the phone box, an area code of ‘740’ is given. this wasn’t meant to mislead but i guess it did, and i didn’t think about it.

these aren’t really ‘clues’, they’re ‘instructions’.

the solution is actually found inside the menu screen. the clues ‘escape’ (press escape), ‘menu’ (go to the menu) and ‘H’ (the number next to H) were your convoluted clues. the solution is 3037. the area code, 740 is found below it, next to the M, which was what was intended to help but ultimately just confused people.

normally these numbers represent HP and MP as part of the RPG Maker engine, and games that aren’t RPGs tend to have a hard time hiding these numbers. some just don’t bother. i figured i’d try and do something goofy with them, and it didn’t work out. truly it is the metal gear solid ‘the code is on the back of
the CD case’ of our time…


WARNING: Illegal Crime Game really is illegal

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Friday, December 21st, 2012 12:12 am


for ludum dare i made a game called ‘Illegal Crime Game‘. it’s a silly little game in which you commit juvenile crimes in a small town. after finishing the game i submitted it here and also to my blog here, where i post all my game stuff. i used the same dumb description i used for the ludum dare page:





after i few days, i try to check my blog, to find this message:



my blog is now suspended for unknown reasons. i’ve been using the blog and wordpress for about 2 years now, and never had anything like this. after checking the terms of service i can’t really see anything that i’ve breached so i can only assume this is an automated flagging or something. it’s pretty funny, i think! i’ve contacted wordpress about it and hopefully it gets cleared up.

let this be a warning though. Illegal Crime Game really IS illegal, and those who download it might find themselves at the mercy of the Blog Police.

you have been warned.

Play Illegal Crime Game Here

still going

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 9:40 am

didnt make the main comp. hopefully entering the jam instead. heres some pictures.



100 rated, here’s some “underrated” gems

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Monday, April 30th, 2012 1:42 pm

There Is A Picture  – MortisGhost

probably the best use of audio in the whole competition. lots of analog blips and bloops, really feels like a 60’s sci-fi show. charming little game.

Stade 2 – 30dogs

posting this here simply because of the visuals. the game itself is kind of difficult but the whole atmosphere is great.

Going Rogue – FrankieSmileShow

this game is really, really great.

Wulcan – leafo

a very pretty, and clever game, in a subtle way.

Cloud Realm – Hempuli

i really love the whole feel of this one. tiny sky people/settlements, destruction of mechanical dragons, lots of whooshing and swooping noises. really nice little game.

so go on, what did i miss?

Survive The Desert – A Post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 4:19 pm

This LD I decided to throw myself into a completely new engine and way of making games and challenged myself to make a Flash game and learn Stencyl in 48 hours. Something about a definite and worthwhile deadline and the community spirit really creates a sense of urgency and also a source of motivation which definitely helped since I’m lazy and have a short attention span. I don’t really know how to do these things… Sorry!

What went well?

Well, things started out okay because I was just fucking around in MS Paint, and experimenting with the black and white setting. The Cultist scene was one of the first I drew and I was pretty happy with it. I spent a lot (probably too much) time on scenes at the start but those ones turned out really nice.  Even though I’m a bad guitar player and literally recorded the sound in one take, I think it turned out nicely.

What didn’t go so well?

Pretty much everything else. I’m pretty slow with coming up with good ideas, so a lot of the scenes in Survive The Desert feel forced and dumb. Making the game itself at first started off pretty well, but I ran into so many problems and didn’t know how to fix them that I wasted a lot of time doing really tedious code to make things work (there are 30 different objects just to handle the transitions to each different scene, and each scene has its own text box object). Because of this though, I sort of created something awkwardly long and with a seemingly strange sense of time and distance and although the desert is fairly populated there’s still a lot of space and I kind of think I managed to get a little of the theme in there. It’s growing on me. I hated it at first.

My artwork started getting really sloppy towards the end too, and I wish I’d had enough time to put in as much detail as I did in those early scenes. Also something simple like making the compass more apparent to the player, I didn’t get enough time to do.

What would you do if you had more time?

Originally I had intended to put in a hydration level which would decrease as you ventured across the desert. I also had ideas for different items you could start with which would allow for different ways to play the game. I really wanted to put an item called Danger Skull in there which when used would fill the screen and then a voice would say ‘There is danger here’ and that’s all it would do. I wanted to put in all these useless items that you could find in this large desert. I wanted more character interactivity too, but I was clutching at straws for ideas towards the end anyway so I don’t know how that would have turned out.

How would you rate your weekend as a whole?

Pretty highly I guess. I’m glad I did it, it’s always interesting to see how your mind works when a deadline is approaching. I kind of thrive under that pressure and that’s pretty much why I was able to finish this game.  I did only get like 4 hours sleep the whole weekend though, and didn’t really eat anything on Sunday which was kind of bad. But it’s done, and I’m glad I did it.

I’m sorry this post-mortem is pretty boring, you can try out my game Survive The Desert by clicking here.


Dungeon Exit – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 11:03 am

my first ever competition, and i’m pretty happy with what i achieved. although it didn’t look or play as i had originally imagined (mostly because of a lack of artistic ability) and i got stuck on some very simple programming, it feels good to have a game out. had some positive feedback too, including:
– is it supposed to be so pink?
– it made my ears hurt
– i want to barf
– so where exactly is the “game” aspect

really selling my game here. here’s the link if you want to play it.

i’ve found some really great games too. some people have mad skills. i’m tearing through my random ratings. the WYSIWYG blog post thing isn’t working right at the moment, but keep playing the games here, there are some genuine gems!

move it move it

Posted by (twitter: @angrygeometry)
Saturday, August 20th, 2011 9:12 am

haven’t really done much, since my idea is relatively simple. been working on TEXT which i’ve always had problems with in game maker (still a rookie). here’s a screen:

this is just a temp layout… and is very deceptive (MYSTERIOUS)…

[cache: storing page]