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Postmortem: Survive

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 7:26 pm

Well this was the first time I managed to finish my submission to a LD so time for a small short postmortem 😛

Since the beginning I was planning on submitting for Jam since my weekend was somewhat crowded and I really wanted to get my first submission out.


What went right:

  • Knowledge of my limitations: This was a must I knew what I could and couldn’t do by myself and thus kept the project within that scope. I knew I should not go for fancy graphics since I’m not an artist and so I refrained myself to focus on that area.
  • Time planning: By starting this with the Jam in mind I was able to get the game submitted even with the problems that showed up during the weekend.
  • Thinking mechanics: The moment I decided to think about mechanics and incorporate the theme allowed me to start coding the game and it also started forming an identity.

What went wrong:

  • Knowledge of my limitations: Although it did help me narrow down my workload when I started the brainstorming the theme I always second guessed myself. This made me lose almost half a day only with brainstorming.
  • Sound: I was planning on having sound effects on the game however due to the issues during brainstorming I had to simplify the project and sound was the first to go.
  • Meteor: This was the third “enemy” in the game that due to project cut for time could not be completed and would have given a better feel of the gameplay since it would cut down sections of the screen where the player would not be able to move to for a short time.
  • Time planning: Although I have a plan for this weekend, I haven’t planned each project goals (brainstorming, sketching, coding, testing) and their time consumption. This made me lost a lot of time trying to do 2 or even 3 of those at the same time, forcing me to cut the project down. Especially if I had brainstormed properly I might have been able to get the game out in Compo and not Jam.

In all I am happy with my submission, will keep working on it for a while gathering feedback. Enjoyed my time with the project and learned a lot about time planning.


So go and play my game and leave a comment with feedback ^^ Thank you!


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