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Making video games since I was 14. Worked in Game Maker, C++ and C# with XNA.
Using Java and libgdx right now.


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So IN!

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 6:18 am

Laptop, tablet, Android phone for testing up and running.
I’ve worked on automating everything in my workspace as much as possible – all my apps now have a custom entry point when in dev mode that also bakes all the resources needing to be baked (such as tilemaps). Resource loading and mouse/touch input working seamlessly on PC and Android.

Language: Java
Library: LibGDX with some of my own boilerplate code (available on GitHub, of course). My last LD project was named “Bacon”, so I believe that “Eggs” was a reasonable follow-up.
Platform: Cross-platform desktop at first, but the game will be designed with Android support in mind. I will work on the port after the deadline for the main game.
Source control: Git
2D Art: ASEPRITE for pixel art, Photoshop for the rest
Sound: bfxr/labchirp for effects, pxtone for the music (provided enough time is available, as always ^_^)
Other tools: Eclipse Juno as an IDE, Powershell for misc. stuff, Tiled Map Editor


Let the games BEGIN!

Posted something that I’m actually proud of!

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 4:53 pm

Well hello, I’ve officially uploaded what I’ve done this ludum dare, and I’m quite proud of it.
Yes, the usual “I’ve could have done sooooouhhh much moooaaar” is still ringing in my head, just like it’s doing in everyone else’s now, as the end of LD24 draws near.

But it’s still way better than my previous two entries, which crashed and burned pretty badly, so I’m happy. And I feel like the code I wrote is much more elegant, and far cleaner than before. It’s actually… it feels quite strange to say this… reusable. (of course after I get rid of the public markers on 75% of the fields, heehee)

Screenshot depicting the basic gameplay

Equip a minotaur and help him get the phat lewtz!

Make shiny combos and clothe a naked minotaur, while helping him take over a castle in this (slightly) evolution-themed game! What could be more fun than that?

Try it now (in new window/tab), and if you’d like to leave some, I’d be delighted by some feedback!

And to the ones still crunching:
1:15 hours to go + 1 more for late entries + a couple of days for ports and stuff

All the best,

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