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Nom nom nom

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Sunday, April 17th, 2016 1:48 am


Made a Let’s Play video of Slime Smasher post-compo

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Monday, December 21st, 2015 11:34 pm

Slime Smasher Post-Compo V0.3

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Friday, December 18th, 2015 3:59 am

Post-compo version of Slime Smasher has been updated with new challenges.
New slime and boss slime. Particle effects. Keyboard bug fix. Better game over screen.

Slime Smasher – Post-Mortem and Web Build

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 1:27 am

A web build has now been added to my compo entry, Slime Smasher:


Slime Smasher was made in a hurry in 5 hours on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Personal commitments kept me from investing more time in this compo. This is the result of me cutting down the scope of my original idea, which was a button-mashing game where you smashed all sorts of fantasy RPG-style enemies. After realizing I didn’t even have time to make good art for just a slime, I focused on just slimes of different colors s to get all the other game functions done in the limited time I had.

I wanted to make the game user friendly, so I had to put some time into making instructions that fit the style of the game and were fairly obvious to players. While players can use the mouse, it is much easier (for me at least) to use the keyboard with both hands to get the lowest (best) score. My best score so far on the revised V0.2, which includes “music” and is slightly harder than v0.1, is 514. I had great intentions of making better music, and recorded a stupid little loop as a placeholder but never got around to making something better. I think it’s pretty funny at least, and hope you do too!
slimesmasher slimesmasher2

“Music” added to Slime Smasher V0.2

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 9:15 pm

slimesmasher“Music” has been added to compo entry Slime Smasher. The difficulty has also been increased. Criticisms of questionable pixel art have been noted, so will be sure to include flashing rainbows in the next update if time permits.

Slime Smasher – Windows build added

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:02 am

Mash the buttons as fast as you can to smash the slimes! title

My LD#31 jam entry Gifts Galore! is now available on Android as part of my mini-game collection: Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe (AATEOTU).

Now play with tap/swipe controls, and also enjoy three other mini games: Gravity Tubing, Forever Flappy, and Galactic Invaders. AATEOTU (name acrynomized due to Google Play’s 30 character limit for app titles)  is currently in Open Alpha. Expect new games and features in updates coming soon!

Get the Android version on Google Play, or check out the original Web release on the Jam page.


Gifts Galore!

Gifts Galore! Mini-game added to Uncle Scotty’s AATEOTU


Gifts Galore! web version of jam entry now playable.

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 10:35 pm

Hello all and Happy Holidays :) A playable web version of my jam entry called Gifts Galore! is now online. Catch as many of the falling gifts as possible with the mouse, but don’t let any hit the bottom of the screen or it’s game over!

This is intended as a mini-game in my mobile game collection, called Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe. AATEOTU will be available soon for Android on Google Play, with Gifts Galore! plus at least three other mini games: Gravity Tubing, Forever Flappy, and Galactic Invaders. An early alpha web version is currently playable on GameJolt.

[AATEOTU] - GiftsGalore - Main Camera - 2014-12-06 21-17-39 - 1024x576x1

Gifts Galore! A mini game in Uncle Scotty’s Arcade At The End Of The Universe

If time permits over the next few days, I will add one or more new holiday-themed mini games and turn my entry into Uncle Scotty’s Holiday Arcade. Then I can fulfill my lifelong dream of putting an arcade inside an arcade! Dare to dream indeed.

Thanks for checking out my entry and good luck to all the other participants. Looking forward to playing some one-screen wonders!


Anachron and Company’s Top 10 List of Brainstorming Ideas + Extras

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 12:01 am

Seasons Greetings. What a productive brainstorming session on this most pleasant evening. Here are the top results of our efforts, please feel free to use any, or any combination, of these ideas if you are having trouble coming up with something else:

10) – One Direction to Drive. Like Nascar, but cars can literally only turn in one direction. The player who turns left least wins; the others crash in a vortex of fire and metal in the middle of the race track.

 9) – Can’t Spare a Square. You need to clean up a mess, but you only have a one square of TP. Clean up progressively more disgusting messes to demonstrate your honed wiping skills.

 8) – But I Only Had One. A game about driving after only having one drink. Destroy your and other people’s families to further the cause of MADD.

 7) – Jump Forrest, Jump! A one-legged high-jumper game. Pole vaulting bonus level.

 6) – Worst Meal Ever. Eat with just one chopstick. It’s really hard.

 5) – Christian the Camel. Cross a desert maze to give little baby Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh on Christmas before your one hump of water runs out.

 4) – Special Snowflake. Protect a pretty unique snowflake as it falls from the sky on its journey to become a massive avalanche, consuming anything and everything in its path.

 3) – One Is The Loneliest Number. A math game where equations are made to equal 1, or players must input the correct number of one of the variables in the equation. There is nothing funny about math.

 2) – Don’t Give Birds For Christmas. Angry birds clone where you shoot a partridge out of a pear tree with a snowball. Technically the song includes twelve partridges, but who’s really counting?

 1) – You Only Get Juan. Clearly, anything built around a Juan-themed pun will be an instant classic.

 Other less fleshed-out, but nevertheless worthy ideas include games about having only one eye and no depth perspective, one of the five senses, one wheel like a unicycle, or one nut like Lance Armstrong. Games about protecting your our planet may be popular, as with games about binary or about a button being broken. Traditional two button games like pinball may find new life in one pinball/one flipper format, and a game about having only one match to light a fire could be interesting. A game about a one-eyed, one-legged, one-armed pirate is sure to be a winner, as would be a game about dolphin with just one flipper called Flopper. There are sure to be many attempts at FPSs based on having just one bullet, and surely someone will ask the dark question of just who that bullet is really meant for. Hopefully they can make it funny, but it seems unlikely. Perhaps someone clever can make a 1-bit game. Finally, a game about one reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh would suit the season.

We certainly will not be able to implement all of these ideas, so they are free to a good home.  Enjoy and good luck.

Proper Linux support added to ‘Got time for that?’

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 4:21 pm


We Love Penguin

We support equal rights for penguin people.

Improved Linux support has been added to mini-game collection ‘Got time for that?’.

Yes, we had time for that.

Linux users may prove extremely useful in the upcoming re-education entertainment of humans.

Check it out!

Also available on Web, PC, Mac, and Android.

Ain't got time for this promo!

Get ‘Got time for that?’ for Android on Google Play

Attention Humans! Anachronic Design’s ‘Got time for that?’ is now available for Android on Google Play.

Please act accordingly.


All earthlings who download the game will be spared appreciated. Have a good night.

Got time for that? V1.0 – Human submission nearly complete.

Posted by (twitter: @AnachronicGames)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 3:48 pm
You got time for that?

Includes three mini-games – ’10 Second Solutions’ – ’10 Second Button Masher’ – ‘ 10 Seconds to Score

Greetings Earth peoples.

For this LD contest we give you ‘Got time for that?- a game that is really three games! Please enjoy this interstellar contribution to your endless entertainment, in our mission to answer that age old query: Will you score?

We certainly hope so.

Tools – Unity, RagePixel, Asset Store UnityGUI skins, Creative Commons music, C#.  Source available.

Play on web or desktop. Soon for Android!

Please procure the diversion game here:


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