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Harder then it looks

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 9:39 pm

I failed.  I didn’t have the weekend set up properly and i failed… I will try again on the next one.  I really want to try out the miniLD.   Im disappointed in myself.  I’m looking for a mailing list i can add myself too.  Too bad we couldn’t have text reminders lol!  Thanks much eh Mike K.?   hmmmm   How do I give back to the community? Im going to comb the site!


Thanks much,

Gonna check out some game… Ciao

Um…. Is this where I am to post?

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 11:07 pm

Hi guys,


Am I doing this right?  This is the first time I have ever joined one of these.  I watch and snoop all the time but don’t join.  Its been forever since I programmed a game and I have been wanting to get into app programming forever it seems!  I have tried tons of engines, researched and actually tried!  I am rusty so I couldn’t go to deep…   Marmalade quick was good stuff but I think I may need some skill sharpening for that.  Anyway, the theme interests me so it could be exciting! I of course am going into the Jam!  Me and my Brudder hopefully! He makes the music.  anyway, ill shut, heres what I’ll use:

iDraw, art and the like, I am not an artist, i am horrific at art!

PixelMator, more art! even with their little hidden vectormator its no match for iDraw!

AGK2, This was a hard decision because I have two installed and was debating on a third (GoDot, check it out) anyway, I have LiveCode installed and its just like hypercard so of course I love it but not much on the games.  So i am going to use AppGameKit 2.  Should be entertaining and I should see if I like using it!

Thanks eh? Let me know if I forgot anything.  The theme is interesting but I keep wanting to pop one joke about “Unconventional Weapon” that you all are thinking but won’t say hahahah.  k luv yas! ciao


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