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134bytes, a game that fits in a tweet

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:34 am

You might have to reload once. Made in the hostel lounge in post AMAZE blues in a couple of minutes.

‘Modo does a little Marketing Madness

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Sunday, October 28th, 2012 12:54 pm

Sooo… as much as we all would like to just concentrate on making stuff, marketing is an essential part of bringing a product out there. That’s why I made these here for my game… Don’t know yet what to do with them, maybe post them somewhere? It’s blatant spam though, I would suppose. I hope you guys here forgive the shameless plug in the spirit of October Challenge:


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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 4:44 am

Amodo: Hello, I’m your host Amodo of RebelOyster. Today I’m here with Amodo of RebelOyster who brought his brand new game “Karyo” with him. Hello, Amodo.
Amodo: Hi there!

A: So what is Karyo?
A: Well, it’s a simple “casual” puzzle game for mobile devices, currently Android, with iOs hopefully following soon. The concept is very simple, you have to clear all tiles off a level. To do so, you can combine two tiles that are exactly one tile apart into one. That’s all there is to it.
A: That sounds really simple, how do you make it interesting to play?
A: There’s a very subtle build-up of difficulty over time. The first of the 1000 levels are really really easy and obvious, but later it can get kind of hard. So I hope that works to keep people playing. You can freely choose any of the 1000 levels because they don’t have to be unlocked. The idea behind this comes from Sudoku books with hundreds of puzzles in them, where you can simply pick a difficulty and then puzzle away, not being artificially restricted in any way.
A: Wait, did you say one thousand levels? How does one come up with that many ideas?
A: Yeah that was a tough one because I’m neither the best level designer nor actually a good puzzle player – I’m way to impatient. That’s why I wrote a level generator that makes thousands and thousands of possible levels, and then by trying to solve them, determines the difficulty and when that is within a certain range, the level goes into the game.
A: Wow, that’s pretty interesting. So why did you make this game when you’re not a puzzle game player?
A: Two things: 1) I had this idea and it sounded so super simple that it might actually work and B) I live in a city and don’t own a car, so I do everything by public transport. And as a game developer I like to have a peek at what games people play on their phones on the subway, etc.. Seeing that most of the times it’s a tile based puzzle like a match3, I’ve been carrying the thought around with me to make one of these, if I find a mechanic that seems interesting to me. And on the third hand, after I had made a very quick prototype the feedback I got was awesome, people saying this could be really addicting or that they hadn’t seen something exactly like that before, I was encouraged even more to finish this.
A: Yeah, I’m neither a puzzle gamer, but testing this had a few of these “Just one more level!” moments so I think it could work out. Anyway I wish you good luck with the game and thank you for being on the show!
A: Thanks for having me!


Karyo is out for Android on Google Play now, with both a free version containing 50 levels and a paid version containing all 1000 levels, currently priced  €0.99.


Flyspeck revisited

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Friday, May 4th, 2012 9:15 am

Here’s my mini-post-mortem:

This time was even more chaotic than last time :) My game Flyspeck turned out to be a point&click adventure and I’m rather happy with it, but my original plans looked different:

My original idea was to make a small sim/civ game on a tiny 3×3 world. There would be a very limited number of structures to build and a set of resources to harvest, products to turn those into. The tricky part for the player would be to handle the limited space and resources most efficiently to have a thriving civilisation and conquer space.

So as it has turned out to be my LD-workflow, once I somehow had a visual idea, I started to make tiles, to do some low-level brainstorming and fermenting in the back of my head while pixeling away. I somehow couldn’t think of an interesting balance of buildings resources, and I tried to investigate other ideas I had, that would still allow me to use the tiles I was making. One idea would have been a simple dialogue-based (or monologue-based) point&click adventure happening in a tiny world – probably not the most fun to play, but something I had been wanting to do for a while. A possible twist on this, slightly re-uniting this idea with the sim/civ idea would have been to have the various dialogues influence the development of the nation/world around the player. For instance the mayor would ask “Shall we research astrology or anstronomy?  We only have resources for one of them.” The decision would alter the look of the world but also lead to other possible developments, there would be either mythological temples or universities, future developments could be the search for either alien life or for gods… That sounded like a somewhat interesting concept – adventure with tech-tree –  very ambitious, but so what, I could always scale it down to a simple adventure.

So I started to make the engine-parts for a point and click adventure, walking, dialogues, characters.. etc but I was soo tired. My time was consumed by sleep somehow. I knew I had to scale down and come up with a minimalist version of the plan…

I sat down to write the dialogue and interactions with pencil and paper and something like an adventure started to emerge. It was more time-consuming than I had thought, though. So I continued, taking turns scripting and implementing, always an eye on the clock, in order to adjust the scope to the remaining time. I had decided to go for the 72 hours in the jam, because sleep, sleep-deprivation and real life had really gotten in my way. Unfortunately I had to dump all ideas about a tech-tree and multiple solutions, but I was kind of happy with my micro-adventure I had laid out in pencil before me and which was coming to life in code. At about 11pm – roughly 5 hours before the end of the jam I was finished with a version that felt somewhat complete and I decided to call it a wrap instead of desperatly trying to cram more stuff into it.

Again, this was an awesome experience. I’ve gotten quite positive reactions, which made me very happy.

The beginning is a little hard, but since there is not that much content in there, I think that’s ok. Also, being one myself, I’m aiming for old-school adventure players…

I had a great time, thank you all for making awesome games!

You can play mine here.

~ Amodo


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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 3:49 pm

I finished my game. It’s an adventure. A little too tired to say more right now, except: I’M SO HAPPY.

I guess this means I’m in

Posted by
Friday, April 20th, 2012 11:23 am

Good luck and shitloads of fun to everyone!

Flod Embarks – devlog & micropostmortem

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Sunday, December 25th, 2011 9:21 am

So, it’s christmas, I think, and I finally have some time to write a little about my experience with LD#22. My entry isn’t that great, but still, for what it’s worth:

At first I wasn’t even sure if I would participate, due to several reasons, too little sleep in the weeks and days prior to the weekend being one, and an important 30th birthday on saturday night being the second. I usually don’t have a problem with all-nighters and actually can produce results in 20-hour coding stretches with 4 hours of sleep in between, but this time I was just completely burnt out the night when the theme was announced. I tried to stay up until midnight, take a 2 hour nap to recharge my drained batteries and then start crunching once the theme was announced. I failed. I woke up to my alarm, feeling really dizzy and decided to get some more sleep and start in the morning.


Flod wishes Happy Holidays

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 10:08 am

Flod, my LD 22 entry’s protagonist wishes you all some relaxed and peaceful days:

Happy Holidays

Flod Embarks

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Monday, December 19th, 2011 5:41 am

My submission for LD 22 is Flod Embarks. You are a little robot with the strange name Fraxtol Flod-Pirno S’nint. You’re lonely and very cute. Somehow you ended up in a part of space that appears most lonely. But can it be true? Are you all alone out here? *sigh* You gather all your courage and board your old spaceship to explore all these thousands of sparkling planets in the hope of finding some cute friends for yourself, somewhere.

There’s not really much to the “game”, but at least it is in its own way something like a complete package… Adding more stuff, I could turn this into a real story based rpg, or procedurally generated rpg. I started very late because of various reasons, one being me not having any ideas. At some point I just started with my half idea and just embarked on this mission to find out where it will take me. With not much of a story or gameplay in mind, only the basic mechanic of flying to planets and visiting them, I tried to put a proper dose of cute into it, at least.

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