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Sunday, May 19th, 2013 4:11 am


Hey! I just finished playing and rate 50 JAM games and this is my TOP 5:

#1. Potato dungeon.

Combat system of this game is unusual but very cool (control sword’s direction by mouse).
This feature was enough to get good rating but beyond that the gameplay is constantly changing and does not get bored. There are a lot new abilities during game (unexpected but awesome).
And stylish graphic. And logic puzzle. And bosses. And humour. The best one.

Not very clear keyboard control, but it is not critical. I willing to buy full version :)


# 2. Leaf Me Alone

Not very attractive screenshot? Play it! In fact, the game is much prettier in dynamics.  It is charming story where you will not have to kill anyone. Just find the objects and learn to use them. Best level design, that I seen on competition and organic tips about control. So beautiful, so cute, so indie way. Must play.


# 3. Mustache Armies

Actually, I did not complete this one. It crashes on my computer at the end of game :(
But anyway it is very exciting gameplay. Each of your killed soldiers is transferred to the next round and repeat all the movement. Until the screen is flooded by mustache army! Epic and fun!


# 4. Moonshine

Very simple gameplay:  just go to the finish and do not fall into the trap. But atmosphere is great. Darkly. Lonely. Beautiful.

# 5. Cpt. Sqrjaw

Enemies fly into pieces according to the laws of physics! And sometimes you need create a mountain of corpses to climb up and complete a game. Is not that cool?

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