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Lestac – Teaser

Posted by (twitter: @almighty_suit)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 10:03 pm

Hey there! Want to look at a game?

Cool! Now that that’s out of the way – hi, we’re Almighty Suit, this is our 5th Ludum Dare (jam) together, and this time we’re doing things a bit different. This time we’ve decided to do something we find fun! Even if we have trouble fitting it into the theme and even if it’s yet another platformer and even if it’s indie-random.

Since we haven’t posted anything such as “We’re in!” or “Here’s what we use”, or “It’s 7:30AM and we’re tired”, well, we’re in, we’re tired, and here’s what we’re using:

  • Gimp for pixel art / digital painting
  • Tiled for level editing
  • A Yamaha piano :)
  • Cubase 7 + Eastwest’s Composer Collection of sounds
  • The ooc programming language
  • A home-grown game framework on top of SDL2 and OpenGL 3.x

That’s about it. The game works pretty well now and has flexible systems for items, relationships between levels, worlds, etc., we hope to be able to spend tomorrow until the deadline producing content – levels, new items, mini quests, and of course, a good soundtrack.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned :)

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