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5 votes to go

Posted by
Monday, May 9th, 2016 12:24 pm

Hey, everyone.

So todays is a last day and we still dont have enough votes to get to 17 votes, and this makes us really sad developers. And we dont want to be sad developers, so please play our game and vote for it. And if you leave a comment under our entry we will play and rate your game too, as a gratitude.

Anyway, we wanna say that Ludum Dare was a really great experience, thanks to everyone who played our game and to the guys who even made ludum dare possible. We really hope that we will participate in the future jams.

You can find our entry here.

So we really like bugs, and in first version (which we uploaded literally in the last minute) of our game we had lots of em. We fixed them later, but i think it its a rather sad, that in the process we lost some of our best masterpieces. Just look at them.


Here protagonist gets cought by the police but continues to make death animation without stopping, looks like he is doing squats. Well, isnt it a thing you would do in such situation?


Roofs are slippery in The City (they are not, in fact, but bug think otherwise).

Check our game here and help us find a survived bugs (if you can).


P.S: bonus from a previous post: music from our game (some you cant hear in jam version of the game, so its kinda exclusive)

Hello everyone. That been quite some time since Ludum Dare and we were probably taking our time too much to fix numerous bugs in our game but we finally did it, and we are not going to stop.

Though we are not really sure how far we could go with our fixing but we did just that so its up to you to judge or not to judge it. If you think that too much bug fixing is not the thing that can fit into jam version of the game please do not vote for it. Its our first Ludum Dare and we dont know what we can do and what we cant. So i will keep here post fix and pre fix version for you to check.

Sooo here we go, please check and play first level of our game, rate it if you want, we were working really hard during three days of competition and we dont want our work go to waste.


We will keep working on our game(we have only one level in this version), and the story of Max will be finished, i promise, he will get his revenge, so stay tuned for post-jam version of the game.


If you still here we have some bonuses for everyone.

Bonus one: our audio engineer made really cool soundtrack for comics and levels but we sadly havent been able to put most of it into a jam version of the game, so please just listen to them as it is, we really like this music.

Download it here

Just tell me if its not a proper way to post something like this.


Bonus two: some cool and intersting bugs from the first version of game (thats, folks, is what happens when you have only one unity-developer, who does all the programming):

Just dont ask questions.


We were just having so much fun with them, so it must be shared.

Clearly Max should not be on the sky.

But why not, after all.

Lets try to fall down… well…

Thanks for checking this post and the game, see you soon.


Check our entry here.

We (kinda) finished and posted (kinda) game

Posted by
Monday, April 18th, 2016 9:55 pm

We will try to fix bugs to make it beatable as soon as possible.
Though it’s not “quite” finished we had fun creating it and laughting at bugs. So here’s a gif of the game (and bugs). We are not completely sure where there is the game and where are bugs.


Try to try it.

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