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Mini LD anyone?

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Monday, July 24th, 2017 4:48 am

Okay, so we were supposed to arrange a little local jam┬áin which people would gather in one place and we all would have participated in Ludum Dare 39, just to gather people and socialise with fellow game makers, have fun and the same time take part to the LD. The problem is, we were suppose to have it in the end of august, in which we thought the Ludum Dare 39 would be this time, but suddenly we found out its month early, and we just couldn’t cope with that! But we would still want to arrange jam in the end of august. Sooooo…

Is anyone having/going to arrange a mini LD anywhere near the time the real LD was suppose to be? If you are, please let me know, then we could gladly join to it too ­čśÇ

If no ones going to already arrange one, then, would there be anyone interested to join mini LD if we arranged it? It would be at the end of august, when i think most of people thought the real LD would be, and it would probably be 48 hours jam like the real LD is. We could come up the theme and all, but before we start anything, we would like to know if people would take part to it if we arranged the thing.

If anyones interested to take part on a mini LD, please comment here so we know how many would be up to it ­čśÇ or if you have any ideas or opinions, let us know.

the iron e

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 12:38 am

Hi guys, here again…

sigh.. so, after leaving ┬áthe fascinating posts of ludum dare, I realized something: I have that one god damn school assignment yet to do, which I have to return on Monday. So I start working on that, and after couple of “minutes” of ┬áthat and a “little” nap, I notice that the clock is 4 am… the time here when Compo closes. And all i have is the sprites for the game, not a single line of code, and I’m so tired now that I’m not able to do the game ┬ábefore the jam ends, sooo at this point, I just have to give up, which is sad because I was really excited for this. But I guess I’ll do better next time around, and try to capture couple of my friends to be┬ámy slaves so we can do the jam together, and maybe I’ll finish this project anyway and put it to newgrounds or something. But until next time, bye!


…what? ┬á“but wheres the irony in this” you ask? Oh, it’s the school assignment, I’m in computer school, which ┬áspecifically teaches how to make videogames. So, I couldn’t make videogames for videogame event, because my videogame school was forcing me to learn how to make videogames

Bye guys!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 10:09 am


Just noticed this about me… In other words, you probably won’t be hearing about me anytime soon before I’m submitting my game unless I come up with something really smart to say. ┬áBut, have a good jam everybody, and I’ll be seeing you in few days. And I have to say as a first timer, this has been so wonderful experience so far, and you are one great community that I would be happy to be part of. Now i know what I’ll be doing every year ­čśÇ but I’m wasting time as i write this so, bye guys, see you soon!

Sydan, you live savior!

Posted by
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 9:07 am

I’m total noob what comes to animation and everything like that, i’m really a coder, not an animator. But, since i’m alone at this, i had to download paint.net and start making pixel art since it seemed the easiest way to get around. But after making few sprite i started to import them to unity, and they looked horrible!

So i had to start googling, and third result from the top, and actually the best guide from the top three results, was god damn 2015 Ludum Dare where username sydan had put specific instruction how to import pixel art to unity! And that seriously saved me and my project! so, I hope you see this since i don’t know how to or if you even can tag people to posts, sydan, you saved my project. Thank you so much for such a good guide!

Ideas ideas…

Posted by
Saturday, August 27th, 2016 12:11 am

I have question at the end for interested

so, trying to figure idea for the game and after 3 hours, i have almost nothing… ┬áthank god its only almost. I’ve come up few ideas for the subject, but nothing on the gameplay so they are dead ends for now. but there is this one subject i thought but since this is my first jam, I’m not sure if it’s too far from the original subject, ancient techonolgy, so i figured, id ask your opinion.

so, my idea was to make game about ancient medicine and doctors and such. It’s just not really technology, but what are your opinions? ┬átoo far from the theme or plausible idea? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.

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