About Alex Rose (twitter: @AlexRoseGames)

I make Super Rude Bear Resurrection for PS4/Xbox One/Steamm funded by Sony Strategic Content. The Rude Bear series came from Ludum Dare. Every LD since Ludum Dare 25 I've made a Rude Bear game.

I'm a gold winning ludum dare jammer and winner of EGX Rezzed jam.

They follow the nomenclature, "Rude Bear R___". There is a Rude Bear timeline, extended Rude Bear universe etc. etc.

I'm a physics graduate from Manchester. In late 2011 I took a semester of C, and decided to learn to make video games by making them.

My website's: http://alexrosegames.com/


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Rude Bear 2 – Update – 5 hours in (ish?)

Posted by (twitter: @AlexRoseGames)
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 1:01 am

Still streaming at: http://www.twitch.tv/vorpalgames

So, so far here’s what I’ve gone for:

The look and feel of the game.

The look and feel of the game.

The sea fades between various colours.

My housemate isn’t up yet so I still don’t have any graphics to use, still using my template ball + star (the star is so I can see its angular velocity more easily).

I made a couple of tracks, this is the primary one for now:

I drew a bit of a sketch of a level plan for the first bit:

The original level plan.

The original level plan.

And then I did it in vectors, which, thanks the collision detector I wrote, can just be put straight into the game and already work:

The first little chunk as made with vectors.

The first little chunk as made with vectors.

I also changed the old Rude Bear logo to a more minimal one. Old:

Rude Bear 1 Logo

Rude Bear 1 Logo

So that now looks like:

New Logo

New Logo

Now to weave the story of how Rude Bear became a badman.

Continuing my journey at: http://www.twitch.tv/vorpalgames

It’s bound to get more interesting soon when my housemate gets up and starts making graphics too.

I’m in! ((And live streaming the full jam entry))

Posted by (twitter: @AlexRoseGames)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 7:58 pm

So, last year was my last LD entry, with Rude Bear


The original Rude Bear: the tale of a good bear turned yob.


I came 9th in the jam for humour and 72nd overall. Thanks to everyone who voted, for that. It made my weekend.

This year, the plan at the moment is to do Rude Bear Rises, the prequel to Rude Bear, in glorious 8 bit, exploring how Rude Bear became a violent delinquent in the first place.

My mate Antony, who drew the original images, is going to do lovely 8 bit versions of them.

2D Physics Engine in Unity3D

2D Physics Engine in Unity3D

So far I’ve made a way of translating 2D planes in Unity3D into collidable objects. Essentially I’ve written a convoluted (and fairly bad) collision detection system using loads of rays which determine the UV of some secret underlayed red/blue/black backgrounds (where red = active object, blue = background, black = passable), and by looking at the pixels of the things you’re about to hit, it can determine if there’s an obstacle in your way.

I’m streaming the whole process at http://www.twitch.tv/vorpalgames/ if anyone wants to watch.

Anyway, see you in 68 hours (or whatever it is)! I might keep semi regular updates here.

Rude Bear – LD #25 Jam Entry

Posted by (twitter: @AlexRoseGames)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 11:11 pm

Windows download.

Play in browser (Unity Player).

LD Page.

Coded by Alex Rose @Vorpal_Games
Delightful illustrations by Antony Dewar @Panttts

You are Rude Bear. Your aim is to.. smash.. things and.. wreak.. generic havoc. Take that, society.

You’re a British Gangsta youth yob whose only aim is to misrepresent bears amongst the animal kingdom.

It takes place in some deranged puppet form. It’s vaguely like a running game, except you have full control of your character’s direction, attacks, dodges, equipped weapon, etc.

List of creatures:

Sheep – Docile
Goats (+1!) – Kill these for SWAG.
Punch Drunk Pigs – Policecop pigs who punch you.
Dark Knights – AKA bats. Should’ve called them Battymen in hindsight.
Ostriches – Swoop down.
Baseball Bats.
Army Boars.
Brown Bears.
Wide Load Pig – A pig with a pistol. Dodge when it says “Bang”
Flyin’ Lions – Masked superheroes
Rocket Boars – Use Rocket Launchers.
Cyberdemons – He’s the chief of police.
Trident Lions – If you meet one of these, you will die.

Ducks – Docile
Flamingos – Kill for SWAG
Furry Beavers – Fast and annoying.
Chainsaw Beavers – ARGH. They do 3 damage.
Glockodiles – Use shotguns. Not glocks. Pretty OP. Just like in IRL. Execpt without the whole.. shotgun.. thing.

There’s also bear traps, bins and beehives that you can destroy with weapons for SWAG.

Max out your SWAGGER bar to hustle. But don’t get too cocky with it; you’re not invincible.

When you right click (or space) to dodge, you are temporarily invincible though, so that’s useful, but it has cooldown.

The chainsaw does 3 damage, but it’s pretty slow. The bat does 2 damage and has good range. The claws are really fast but have low range and only do 1 damage.

#YOLO, but when you die you can REWIIIIIND to see how far you’ve come and restart the game. You’ll also be told what killed you, how many kills you had and protips on beating what killed you.

With that in mind, I would absolutely love if you sent me a tweet if you got to a really spectacular monster or got particularly far. If people like this I might put a high score board on my site. @Vorpal_Games

Each monster seems fair, especially given that you’ll have new weapons, but you should think about what weapon you use and when to dodge. If you play for a while you can get really good at dodging everything.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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