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Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Monday, December 14th, 2015 11:23 am

Democracy 101

gameplay video :




Plot :

You play as a dictator president  who is competing in an election full of democracy, equality and freedom of choice.

Your goal is to legally win the elections.


Gameplay :

Shoot citizens then turn off the light to steal their votes and reload your gun.

You can only kill people when the light is ON.

And you can only steal votes when the light is OFF.


Control :

Left click to interact with the following objects :

  • Citizens : kill
  • Voting letter & Bullet: collect
  • Light switch button : turn the light ON or OFF.

Ps: you can also use the right mouse button to switch the light.


Credit : 

Game design, programming, graphics and Sound effects :



Music :

Stealth Groover from incompetech.com



Democracy 101

Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 8:11 am

It’s day 2, game is starting to take shape :

You play as a politician running for president who only has one way to win the election. kill citizens and steal their votes.

Next tasks :
– add Sound & music
– Different citizens (“enemies”)
– Camera shake
– UI
– Final polishing touches



Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Saturday, December 12th, 2015 12:30 am

I chose “Two Buttons Control” theme,


(click on the image for Gif preview)


base mechanics are :

– you switch the light (on/off) either by right clicking with the mouse or left clicking on the switch button at the bottom of the screen

– You can see the enemies and kill them(left click) only when the light is on.

– Each enemy that you kill, leave behind a glowing object

– You can see that object and pick it (left click) only when the light is off

– These glowing objects are actually your bullets, you start with just 3 bullets, then every enemy you kill, you’ll have to take a bullet from him in order to keep playing (this give you the chance to miss an enemy 3 times)

– If an enemy reach the center of the bottom of the screen (right over the switch button) then the game is over

going to sleep for 4-5 hours then start doing the UI and the rest of the Graphics.

Finished !!

Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 4:50 am

Please try the game and don’t forget to comment about *ANYTHING* you want

game entry



the game Is a mix between two genre (2d platfomer & 2d shooter) which it got mixed togetherall the time. When i started the design of this game i wanted to make sure that the player can easily see the transition between the two worlds, more details on my blog.

Thank you 😀 !!!





Work in progress 2

Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 4:23 pm


I think all the basic coding are done, now i need to focus with the level design

oh and the game doesn’t only contain a cute hitman, a black bro a shooting turret and few zombies

LD assets copie


First look

Posted by (twitter: @/alaslipknot)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 2:21 am













i got almost everything for the player, next thing to do is to create some dumb AI bots and then i’ll start the level design process and finally the environment graphics

And euh… yeah, they are pretty connected 😉


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