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More progress

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 7:31 am

I’m slowly getting an idea for my game.

Game will be simple platformer. I can’t tell you more about it, because it’s still bit of fuzzy even for me.


Awesome screenshot:


One pixel in image is one dot on the screen.


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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 1:12 am


This is what I have made so far:


At the moment I have no idea what kind of game I’m going to do.
So I will be adding stuff to this and see what it will be.



I’m in

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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 7:21 am

Language: C++

Library: SFML

IDE: Visual Studio 2012

Graphics: Gimp

Audio: Audacity

I’m in!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 1:14 pm


Visual Studio 2010

Programming language:





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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 5:31 am

I have worked now 2 hours and here is the result.

Randomly generated world.



I’m in!

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013 8:13 am

This will be my first Ludum Dare.

IDE: Visual Studio 2010

Language: C++

Libraries: SDL, SDL_image, My own lib

Art: Gimp 2.8

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