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I’m In

Posted by
Friday, December 13th, 2013 12:27 pm

Guess it is time for one of these posts…

I am going to be working from the Aberdeen hackerspace, hackerdeen. It is going to be a good change from previous years where we hosted an event an Aberdeen Uni.

For this compo I am going to be working from some base javascript code I have been putting together. It provides a loading system, a game loop and an entry point for a state machine for managing a game. I haven’t actually made any games with this, other things seem to have been coming up.

The source for my base is available on my dropbox for now.


I’m In

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Sunday, August 18th, 2013 2:38 pm

Seasons greetings, lets celebrate as we enter our local tri annual holiday of LUDUMDARE!!!! Where all of the Ludum’s get Dared straight to hell.

My last last two entries didn’t go too well, December last year I failed to finish an entry. April went a lot better, but I had a lot of trouble with Löve and lua. For the compo this time there should be a lot more people around to bug with silly questions.

This LD is the 2nd anniversary of
me discovering ludumdare, it will be the 5th(maybe 4th) ludumdare meet up for Aberdeen. The meet up at will be in the Meston building at kings college,there is more information here if you are in the area you can always hit me or Iain up.

Tools for this weekend.

  • Löve
  • Some Löve libraries, though I am not sure what yet.
  • Audacity
  • Sunvox
  • sfxr (maybe a variant)
  • vim
  • Pen and paper
  • MacBook Pro and my RAT3 Mouse

I have pulled together the basics of a
Löve project it is set up with a frame buffer and a pretty empty shader. It might no work everywhere, but if cool effects are desired it should be pretty easy to get them rolling.

Minimalism – Initial Thoughts

Posted by
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 12:07 am


Unlike the years before I managed a full nights sleep all the way through
the announcement. This means I am well rested, seeing this weekends theme:
Minimalism and I am already having ideas. It was pure luck that I had
already written some rendering code that was very minimalist.

I’m sure in 8 hours time when everything is going wrong I will blame the
theme, but not right now. Now I need to think of some mechanics that will
take at most ~3 hours to implement.

I’m in

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013 2:03 pm

I’m in

The clock is ticking down and we are getting closer to the beginning of the
end. Well that might be a little dramatic, but we stand on the edge of one
of the most stressful, grueling weekends of the year.

This will be my fourth ludumdare which means I should know what I am doing.
Experience shows how little experience I actually have, attempt three was my
first failure. Hopefully that I can take the lessons from LD25 and manage to
finish this time.

I’m working on an engine in C++ with the intention to embed lua as a
scripting language. Before I can do that I need to learn some lua, hence
LD26 will be my first attempt at making a game in lua.

Tools for this weekend.

  • Löve
  • Audacity or another audio tool
  • sfxr (maybe a variant)
  • Pen and paper
  • MacBook Pro and my RAT3 Mouse

I also have a couple of shaders that and some rendering code written in lua,
which is here. The shaders
create a slight blur effect, fish eye and barrel distortions.

Most of the heavy lifting has been done for me. All I have to do now is
come up with a reasonable idea and follow through on an implementation.
Good luck fellow adventurers, this weekend will be a long slog up hill. The
pay out will me much greater than the small amount of time and loss of sleep
this weekend will take.

This post is also on my blog with some images.

I am the Villain?

Posted by
Friday, December 14th, 2012 7:07 pm

So the theme has been announced as “You are the Villain”.  Straight away I am going to have trouble with this theme…. wait that is somebody else.

My play either way was to create an adventure game, I just need to jam this theme into place. Maybe a large hammer will help with that. Hopefully as the villain no one will try and steal our kittens or attack us with goat.


I am not sure whether the best move is to start moving stuff in the engine. There is still some house keeping code that needs to be written. Or to start trying to pin down an overall idea for the game. I already have some thoughts to do with an evil genius, an air ship and a pesky spy.


Its time to start coding. First with your bare hands, then with what ever keyboard you can find first.

I am in

Posted by
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 1:55 pm

Im in

I am going to write an adventure game.

I have some notes jotted in my development notebook. Sitting just within an arms
reach I look at it all the time. There are some questions, a big ass title and
a list of things I would need in an adventure game. But the last few items in the
list are the most interesting.

The page then dissolves into a world where the particle is king. The man with the
most particles will get all the girls. The particle with the most men with gets
all the grills.

I think I will have to add particles somewhere in this adventure game.

My language of choice is going to be javascript.
Working in the canvas on a hand rolled engine. It is something I started about
two months ago, originally an
isometric engine. I will have to strip it down a bit for an adventure game,
hopefully not too much. The branch before the start of the game can be found on
github here.
I will text edit in the text editor Vim

Of course I will need some other tools as well. For audio I am going to use a
mixture of Garage Band loops and bfxr.
That should be as much as I can handle. For
art I want to try using SketchBook Pro
on my iPad and Pixen. I have used Pixen a
lot in the past, it is a good old friend for touching up images.

For raw creation I will be coding and drawing with my bare hands for as long as
possible. As that proves futile I will switch to my MacBook Pro augmented with
my Cyborg RAT3 mouse. To keep my thoughts in
order I will scrawl liberally in my
development pad with my Lammy Safari pen and on
any white board I can hold down.
I will draw on everything, but intend to create art on my ipad mini and fix it
with my Cyborg mouse. I will sing as much audio as possible.

My Code is comfortable in git, let sleeping dogs lie.

My final set of tools will produce my most approachable output. I am going to use
a combination of screecapture
and imagesnap
on my mac to create a time lapse. My
final plan is to create a video that includes, both desktops, my face (wooooooooo)
and text annotations for my latest tweet/ADN post, commit message and blog post.

The result of that can come after Ludum Dare though.

Third time lucky, my particle friends will fend off the goats.

Ludum Dare 24 Postmortem

Posted by
Friday, August 31st, 2012 10:25 am

Ludum Dare 24 started nearly a week ago, enough time to think it through and
write up the postmortem for “Literally: Earth Shaping”. This was my second LD
and overall I am very happy with how it progressed. The final result was not
much of a game this time, but I am much happier about the process than last time.

What went right

Base engine written before start of compo

I spent the week before this Ludum Dare refamilarise myself with Java and
learning LWJGL. I started the compo with an engine that could draw textured
sprites and play sounds. I could also present menus that produced satisfying
click sounds. This start spring boarded me forward at the start of the compo,it
really gave me a good boost considering the theme.


I discovered Pixen in the aftermath of LD22. It is probably the best dedicated
pixel art tools on OS X. Pixen is quite limited in its ability, as an example
you cant set a colour scheme to use across multiple files. In the end it is a really
useful tool.

What went wrong

Integer Positions

So I built my own engine and it was a really good idea. There was one issue that
cropped up over and over again though. I used integers to store the location of
Entity’s. This made life really difficult when it came to moving things around
the screen. If anything hit (0,0) then it would never move again.

Overall my use of types in java was a constant issue. I used floats all over the
place. In reality floats should have been a cast down from a double in the
OpenGL calls and not used anywhere else. Java is silent about casting between
faults in certain cases, this coupled with the pressure of the compo made life
a night mare.

Update your tools

While Pixen was a brilliant tool for the art I needed it was not at the latest
version until about halfway into the compo. I has a crash just after finishing
the “Play” button and lost about an hour of work. When this happened I decided
to find and install any pixen updates. The updated pixen was a mile better and
I managed to created the play button in about 20 minutes. The lesson here is to
make sure your tools are up to date before the start, you will be able to work
a lot faster.


In the 48 hours I had maybe 3 hours sleep. This is against the popular wisdom,
but I was good on my first LD and I wanted to see how this would go. Starting
straight out was a good idea, but I should have taken advantage of Saturday
night. Sleep is good for you.

Simple Mechanics

48 hours is really not enough time to think thoroughly through and implement
complex game mechanics. I have definitely learnt that lesson now, its just a
shame I had to use this LD to figure it out. I started with good yet complex
ideas, but instead of implementing just enough to get going I did the whole
thing in one fell swoop. If I had only included two or three of these ideas I
could have created much more of an accomplished game.

Sound creation

I really did not know how to use SFXR at the out set and that never really
improved. I also have no real skill in sound creation and so didn’t get around to
creating a sound track. Something to definitely fix for the next LD.

Version Control

I wish I had taken better advantage of version control and other tools. This
would have given me data to create some awesome graphs in the aftermath of
Ludum Dare.

I AM IN!!!!

Posted by
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 4:50 am

I am in for LD24. I am really looking forward to my second LD, this time on platforms people can play on.

I am planning to use

  • Java and LWJGL
  • Pixen
  • CFXR
  • Some sort of long audio tool, like audacity
  • And a custom engine I have been writing using these tools

I will be trying to blog hourly at adventurist.me, at least that is where I will head my default. Twitter will be abused too.

All hail the Kitten Lord.

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