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A short but intense project

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 4:41 am

“My name is Dr…. Oh Gods, I can’t remember now. Anyway, this is the story of how I almost destroy this world.”

This is how our game starts.

We are InfiniteGames, an Indie videogame studio  placed in Zaragoza (Spain).

For more information check our webpage. (https://infinitegamesrn.wordpress.com)


This is a fixed image game (a dungeon) where the main character needs to destroy everything in the room in order to pass to the next level


Our tale starts when the main character finds in a pyramid an old artifact and accidentally awakes a mysterious and destructive God.

In that moment a pair of portals apear at each side of the dungeon and his army starts to conquer our world.


With the old artifact (which is divided in pieces) and using different combinations, the species of monsters will be killed by an antique magic. First with only two pieces until you complete the artifact.

After destroying both portals, the God with descent to Earth to destroy you, find the correct combination to finish him.


There are four different types of monsters in the game

  • The Bug is dead by a common hit.
  • The Tank needs a special attack (like a grenade) to take to it armor, after than a normal hit will end with its life.
  • The Bat is killed by a lightning
  • The God needs several hits, once the portals are destroy (without enemies in the stage)


We know there are lots of thing to do, and we hope to hace it before dead line. Anyway we expect to continue doing some improvements after deadline. Stay tuned in our social media for news and fun things.

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