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I’m In

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 8:39 am

Tools :

– Unity
– Aseprite |PyxelEdit (I’ll use both)
– Bosca Ceoil |LMMS |FL Studio (don’t know how to use them, so I’ll figure out later how I can manage to do something decent)

Objective :

– Finish something !

I’m in :D !

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Friday, December 11th, 2015 5:59 pm

Hi everyone ! Let’s all have some fun for the next 48 hours, shall we !

Like many, it will be my first Ludum Dare Compo.
I did a Jam some time ago, but I was jut helping someone quite skilled and already used to this kind of event / game-making stuff.
(Escape segfault, if anyone want to know)

I’m sick of waiting to have some great & sufficient skills to make decent games that I would be able to show without pre-judging of what people might thought about it.
I want to make games, and I want to move my ass, so here I am jumping in, all fresh of 2 years of code, and that’s all I have.

I’ll be learning Unity (still working on it right now before it starts), I have a few base of C# (I prefer C++, but Unity is basically C# Scripting, as I’m told by the internet, so it should be fine)

I’ll also be learning the art of making myself some graphical assets, i have PyxelEdit to accompany me, and my great friend Photoshop in case I’m lost. (yeah, totally proprietary software, but I don’t want to waste precious time in that stuff for now)

The audio & music will be problematic, but I think I’ll figure it out later (procrastination, when you got me <3 ), for now, let’s just have the really basic (but nonetheless awesome) BFXR

That’s it, I’m IN !

(I’m not an English native, it’s all coming from my instinct, so I apologize in advance in case I’m making your eyes bleeding while you read this)

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