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Dead End – conclusion

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Saturday, May 4th, 2013 3:55 am

I came up what did good and what I’ve failed during the Ludum Dare.
When theme of the LD was published, I felt a little bit disappointed. I hadn’t any idea what to write. In addition, I had no time almost the all weekend. In fact, I started to write my game after the compo deadline.
My idea was very simple, so I was able to finish the game before deadline.

What went good

  • Although I’ve never used surround sounds in my games, I managed to do it in Dead End. There were problems, but finally everything went good with it.
  • The idea of the game was very simple – I didn’t have thousands of concepts how to make the game better – simple plan, and simple implementation.

What I’ve failed

  • I completely screwed up development of the app. In first hours of the jam, everyone who tried to start the game, had problems with it. The reasons for this situation are that I had no experience in development of applications for Linux, and I was unable to compile Dead End on Windows personally (I had approach to my notebook with Linux on it, not to PC with Windows).
  • I planned to record own sounds, but I didn’t have time for it – I had to download free sounds from the Internet.
  • I was waiting a long time for my registration email on a Ludum Dare site, rather than immediately change my email provider 😉

In summary, a few things could have been done better, but for the first participation in Ludum Dare, it wasn’t worst. I managed to finish the game and I am very happy of it.


Dead End

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Monday, April 29th, 2013 3:27 pm

Hi there!

After few hours working on my new project, and the same time trying to register on ludumdare.com, I upload my game here.
Following the Spirit of minimalism I decided to throw away everything from my game – story, dialogues, menus, UI – Even graphics and gameplay. The only thing i kept in it were sounds.

The goal is to take as more things (coins? bonuses? gramophones? – no matter, it just outputs sounds) avoiding our enemy and dodging the obstacles.
You can navigate only using sounds.

The game is turn-based.
Up – move forward
Left – turn left
Right – turn right
Space – wait
Return – begin game
Escape – exit

I recommend playing with good headphones or surround sound system to enhance the game experience.
Download for Linux
(download for Windows will be available later)

(Enemy is shouting when is blocked by the obstacle)

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