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I'm Jonathan Landis, also known as Dr. Mo or Hitstun. I used Game Maker 7 for my first two compos, and I'm now using HTML5 in LD #28. I really need to learn Unity, though. It's great.


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Pencils Down! Minigolf Exam is Finished!

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 9:10 pm

My third Ludum Dare game is now ready! Go for the high score on my 8-hole miniature golf course but beware; only your first attempt counts!


This is my first ever HTML5 game, and it took about an hour after the deadline for me to fix an HTML5 bug that prevented the game from starting the first time the page is loaded. It should now run well on the newest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. You can play it online, download it and play locally, or view the submission. You can expect a full postmortem when judging ends, but I planned bigger than before and nearly pulled it off, too.

Looks Like Minigolf!

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 2:22 am

31 hours in and the game is finally in a playable state. Hooray!

Minigolf Exam by Dr. Mo

Doing this compo in HTML5 is making me a better coder. Simple tasks like displaying images and collision detection took more involved coding than I’ve ever needed to do in Game Maker. Putting, walls, slopes, bunkers, and holes are all working well and the browser-specific issues are mostly better now. I still need to implement rules, but the system to enforce having only one scored run is already running. I’m shooting for 9 or 18 holes for the final version, and I’d like to get the music working smoothly too. As before, this build is playable here.

A Golf Ball

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:05 pm

22 hours in, and I have a golf ball. Right now, I’m building a minigolf game where you only get scored on your first time through the course. HTML5 local storage makes sure you can’t play the course a second time for score. If you have a bad first round, you’re a minigolf failure forever.

I’m learning about half of this HTML5 stuff as I go along, but I like the way aiming and shooting works. Now I need to add other objects, collision detection, courses, and scoring. I do have some music, but it needs to be worked into loops for being par, under, and over.

The current build is playable at http://hitstun.bakamostudios.com/ld28/ld28backup1.htm . Hopefully, it’ll even work on touchscreen devices.

Dr. Mo's minigolf game

I’m back!

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 3:09 pm

I’m Dr. Mo from Bakamo Studios in Columbus, Ohio, USA and I’m returning for my first compo in a year. For LD #23 and LD #25 I made some arcadey 2D action games in Game Maker 7 Pro. Game Maker’s been kind of a crutch for me, so in LD #28, I’m trying something new: HTML5!

I’ll be jumping head first into Canvas for the first time. I’ve been messing around with JavaScript and PHP for web development but never tried to make a game with it before. Canvas solves the graphics problem for me, but I hope I can get sound to work well in a nice cross-browser way. If I can, I’ll make some music using the awesome Renoise.

Code: HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, PHP
Graphics: GIMP
Sound: Renoise, Bfxr

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