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Post-Mortem is very appropriate

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 7:19 pm
post mortem of 'I was a teenage Hipster!'

'I was a teenage Hipster!' - Post Mortem


So this was my second LD – I’ve been obsessed with making games for a long time now (fair to say I’m very likely in similar company :P) and this was the perfect way to continue to learn more about the process. Like many recent newcomers I found out about this whole thing through Notch (thanks!)

What went right:

  • choosing python – wow I am blown away by just how fun it can be to code in this language; it’s very intuitive so even though I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks it felt very comfortable to get into.
  • pygame – makes simple game development a joy
  • putting a more wacky spin on the game – my last entry was very simple in terms of story and I didn’t want to repeat that. This time I put alot more time into the writing, fleshing out the setting and plot without coming across as overly verbose, tightening the dialogue, etc. I had alot of fun coming up with the various snide/cynical quotes uttered by Trevor at the beginning of each level and upon picking up special items.
What went not right:
  • py2exe – first off I wanna say I still really appreciate that this module exists, without it I’d have no real chance of sharing my game with anyone not running python. But it does seem to possess a few bugs or atleast quirks that you have to be aware off in order to get it to work correctly in conjunction with pygame. It’ll do things like not bundle certain DLLs required by your application which you have to do manually. Normally this would be no problem but the added time pressure of LD makes it all the more challenging.
  • time-management – my initial vision for the game was ambitious (atleast for my skill level haha) and while I did end up finished about 95% of the features I wanted to include, I missed the 48-hour deadline in the process and had to submit under the jam. What’s frustrating is that if I had just been more disciplined with my approach I’d have stood a good chance of making the first deadline.
  • too much caffeine – ‘oh there’s two hours left till deadline and I haven’t slept for twenty hours and have already consumed enough tea for a week? Haha that’s not important give me another cup wait why can’t I feel my face?’
Anyway I’m looking forward to LD22, if anyone knows of a good language/platform for quick and easy deployment to the web I’d love it if you would share your knowledge :), I’m leaning towards flash but am confused by all these frameworks like Flixel, FlashPunk, etc. and which is best for what. Thanks for reading!

LD[20] = “in”

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Friday, August 19th, 2011 5:59 pm

(It’s 20 cause you start at 0)

Alright, real last minute but I’m back for my second LD. Back in April I missed the deadline for the main entry and had to submit under the Jam, this time however I’ll be aiming to finish within the two days.

I’m learning Python so this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I keep hearing about how Python programs are in the order of 2 – 4 times smaller than Java programs and ~10 smaller than c++ programs so I’m sure I’ll have like 80% of the game done in the first hour. In fact if I type game.create(“2d”, “THEME”) it’ll probably do it for me.

Game properly uploaded now

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Friday, May 6th, 2011 4:45 am

Ok so after tinkering around a bit I finally managed to upload my game at http://www.scs.ryerson.ca/~aalksne/icarusGame/run-applet.php

It may have some trouble running on IE; I haven’t been able to find a clear way around that yet other than to use Chrome or Safari instead but hopefully it won’t cause too much trouble for everyone.

I have polished the game since ‘finishing’ it back on monday and although it’s really basic and my first completed game I am really proud with how it turned out. What I’m most excited about is that now I have a framework created that will allow me to dedicate more time to the actual ‘game’ portion and less so on the ‘figuring out how to add a model without it breaking the scene’ portion for next competition. Can’t wait for LD 21!! 😀

I’m in!

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Friday, April 29th, 2011 12:29 am

This will be first LD, after years of making half-finished games I decided it was time to finally get something complete out; let’s hope it happens! Here’s what I’ll be using:

Language: Java
Framework: jMonkeyEngine (awesome java game framework built on lwjgl)
Tools: sfxr, paint (ya herd!), Sunvox (if I can learn it in time)

Totally pumped and can’t wait to get started! (also, c’mon, Girl Games, you know you wanna)

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