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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 6:25 am

Hello, everyone! I would like to share my thoughts and impressions on Ludum Dare 30!

This was the first Ludum Dare I participated in and I’m extremely happy that so many people got to play my game, and eventually enjoyed it :3

You can view my entry and play it here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-30/?action=preview&uid=35110


Firstly, I wanted to write a simple blog post as a story of my development, but then I decided it would be pretty boring to read.

So I invented a simple questionnaire to do that! I hope it will be appropriate and convenient form :)


Developer’s questionnaire

1.  How many Ludum Dares you participated in so far? 

Zero! This is my first one, yay! ^^

2. How did you choose the name for your game? 

I’ve actually came up both with idea and name right away. Salvation is straight away, one word, and sounds pleasant.

3. What was the inspiration?

Solarmax, Nano War

4. What was the hardest to make?

Art. I really struggled with making anything somewhat visually pleasing.

Although, I’ve made void/planet SFX and background procedurally generated, I still wasted too much time for minor visual changes and choosing colors.

5. What was the easiest to make?

Game mechanics. I generally try to write all of my games from scratch without using any frameworks/engines at all, so now I’m pretty familiar with setting up basic physics & game mechanics fast.

6. What was the greatest decision you made?

Firstly, you could channel population through the planet chain (1 -> 2 -> 3), resulting in first planet transferring population straight to third. And that pretty much negated the meaning of max population.

So 3 hours (!!!) before submission end, I decided to forbid planets to receive and send population simultaneously. That tweak improved gameplay drastically, however I needed to redesign all the levels!

7. What was the dumbest decision you made?

I’ve tried to make some art the first day, without actually having working prototype. That resulted in a huge lack of time. I had only one hour to make sound effects, and got no time to make music.

8. What was the craziest decision you made?

See 6. above 😀

9. What is your impression?

I extremely enjoyed participating in Ludum Dare, and looking forward to next one :)

I am also happy with my result and totally overwhelmed with the warm reception of my game and the fact hundreds of people get to play my game!

10. Lessons to learn?

  • Get friends to test your game  –  that would have definitely helped me with poor GUI.
  • Make prototype first  –  it will save you a lot of time
  • Get some rest  –  going full try-hard isn’t both healthy and efficient
  • Test on different platforms/browsers  –  my game is currently only working on Win/Chrome & Unix/Chrome :(

11. Plans for future?

  • Make a post-compo fixed bugs, more game mechanics, more levels!
  • Mobile version?  I got many requests to make a mobile version. I’ve never tried mobile, but I will definitely do that <3
  • LD31 – Looking forward to Ludum Dare 31, and hyped already. I probably gonna try Unity next time!


Thanks for reading everyone!

P.S. If you want to use this questionnaire for your entry, go on – I will be extremely happy ^^

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