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Ludum Dare 31
December 5th-8th, 2014

*EST: 9 PM
UTC: 02:00

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Ludum Dare 31:
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About Ludum Dare

NOTE: This page is currently being reworked.

Ludum Dare is a community of game developers best known for the accelerated game development event (Game Jam) of the same name. During a “Ludum Dare”, participants create games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by the community. Ludum Dare events take place regularly, every April, August and December.

Founded in April 2002 by Geoff Howland, the Ludum Dare community has been running its brand of Game Jam for more than 12 years now (before the term Game Jam had even caught on). The website is run and maintained by Mike Kasprzak, an original participant and part of the team that has been bringing you the event since the beginning.

For any inquiries about Ludum Dare, contact Mike:

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The Ludum Dare community extends far beyond the website. We’re highly active on Social Networks, and other social mediums.

[ twitter ] [ IRC ] [ Live Video ] [ YouTube ] [ Reddit ] [ Steam ]

We have a lot of history, but we try to be as inclusive and welcoming as we can.

Supported by the community! Mike something something yes!

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Ludum Dare Alumni
Awesome people that have done awesome things for LD and the community

Mike Kasprzak – Part of the team since Ludum Dare 0. Often referred to as the “Ludum Dare guy”. Running LD since late 2008
Phil Hassey – Savior of LD. Ran LD since X, and instrumental in bringing us back to
Mike Hommel – Part of the team since Ludum Dare 0. ran LD ?
Seth Robinson – Part of the team since Ludum Dare 0. <3
Geoff Howland – founded Ludum Dare in 2002. <3
Richard ?? – ran two Ludum Dares
Jari Kompa? (SOL_HSA) – awesome
Pekka Kusomeawesomename? (Pekuja) – screenshot saturday
?? (DrPetter) – Long time veteran, and author of SFXR
Markus (Notch) – An LD veteran that got popular. Instrumental in growing the popularity of the event, and a big contributor to keeping us online today. <3
Christer (McFunkypants) – Highly respected member of the Game Jam community. Runs #1GAM. Ludum Dare nerd. <3
“Sos Sosowski” (Mi??) – Veteran and Super Game Jammer. Brought us the Theme Slaughter.

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Press Pack

Looking for logos and other promotional artwork? Visit the Press Pack page.

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