Ludum Dare 33
Coming August 21st-24th!

Ludum Dare 33 in 5 Weeks! Theme Suggestions Open!

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
12 days ago | July 20th, 2015 12:36 pm

In just under 5 weeks, we’ll be kicking-off our 33rd major Ludum Dare event. Lets do this!

Ludum Dare on WordPress, one more time

Like usual, we’ll be using the somehow-still-working WordPress powered website to run Ludum Dare 33.

I do regret that I underestimated the amount of work needed to rewrite Ludum Dare from the ground up. I bit off a lot, but I’ve enjoyed myself. :)

I’ll talk about progress in a moment.

Theme Suggestions are Open

You know the drill. Go here, and tell us what you think the theme should be.

Real World Gatherings

It’s time to start booking and organizing your gatherings (and for me to make the list)!

Project “Starship”, the new Ludum Dare, in great detail

The new website is still in development. Things are working, but it’s not done.

I’ve written an EPIC POST. The progress so far, what’s coming, and what to expect.

Click if you Dare.


  • Keep all your current Games and Posts
  • Create Teams, and subscribe to Groups
  • New timeline, see only a subset of all posts during events, popular posts, and people you Follow
  • Add Games from Other Game Jams (auto-import from some)
  • Markdown formatted text instead of HTML, Emoji short codes, Syntax Highlighting
  • Patching. Improve and fix the text for any page/post/game. Push with a click, and Accept changes with a click
  • Comment Notifications and @mention Notifications
  • Some crazy new User Page stuff :)

Check out the post for more details.

Get Hype

Ludum Dare is coming up!

“Starship”, the new Ludum Dare, in great detail

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12 days ago | July 20th, 2015 12:35 pm | 52 love | 53 Comments »

Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 33 [14]

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15 days ago | July 17th, 2015 5:08 pm | 12 love | 16 Comments »

I’m in!

Posted by
1 hour ago | August 2nd, 2015 4:22 am

I’m certaintly in!

this will be my second ludum dare, i hope will do much better than last LD 😀

Game Engine: I still don’t know, i honestly don’t, i want to use unity, it’s so tempting because i already quite familiar with it, but i want to use something different, still note sure what, i’m familiar with C family (C,C++ and C#), java a little bit, HTML and JS, if anyone got a suggestion please leave a comment 😀  (i probably will not using it now, but i will certaintly take a look at it)

Audio: bfxr

Music: probably pixitracker, but still not sure

Artwork: GIMP

A post about I’m in…

Posted by (twitter: @@AutoKAD)
4 hours ago | August 2nd, 2015 12:57 am

I’m in.

Hopefully finish more than I did last time.  I had fun learning how to animate during LD32, but I failed on the game end.

Game Engine: Unity

Audio: bfxr

Music: Not sure yet.

Artwork: Photoshop/Illustrator CC 2015

im in!

Posted by
7 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 9:40 pm

i am going to make a game for ludum dare!



I’m most likely in!

Posted by
7 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 9:40 pm

I’ve considered in the past, but I was either too busy or didn’t feel like I had enough tools or experience for the job. But this LD seems like the time for me to go yolo and solo and do the best that I can! (Provided that no interruptions happen)

My tools for the job:

  • Language: C#
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Art Assets: GraphicsGale/ Photoshop/
  • Sounds: bfxr
  • Any other tools I think necessary

Good luck to everyone and may your dares be in your favor!

Ludum Dare Voting, IRC channel.

Posted by
8 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 8:25 pm

So some of you who hang out on the #ludumdare channel often may know that during LD32 I made a little channel where people can vote together. It’s ran through a bot that counts up everyone’s votes and then votes. It’s a little silly because it only counts as one vote, but it is still cool and a fair few of you had some fun last time.

I’m making the simple script publicly available so anyone can run it. I’m hoping that if someone is interested in it they will keep it running and a few of you can have a bit of fun. The script is a bot ran through node js, you will need a few libraries, as well as python, to get it running. Look at the docs for the individual libraries for help.

Here is the script:

Have fun!

Ludum Dare 33 Wallpaper!

Posted by (twitter: @x01010111)
11 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 5:59 pm

As usual, I made a wallpaper for thee upcoming LD :)


I’m In!!! :D….. Maybe?

Posted by
16 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 1:20 pm

This is the first Ludum Dare that I will not definitely be able to compete in.

I am on holiday that week, and it is the only week the rest of my family could make which is why I am not at home during that weekend. I am hoping to participate but I don’t know whether I will be able. It all comes down to how good the internet connection is at the hotel in Italy.


  • Photoshop CS6: for my bad graphics
  • Eclipse: for Java code
  • LWJGL: in case I decide to make a 3D game
  • openGL: If I use LWJGL I will be making a 3D game with modern OpenGL.

Hope Everyone has a great time :D!!!!!



I‘m in! Can’t believe I can take part in Ludum Dare one day

Posted by
17 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 12:21 pm

OK, deep breath, I’m in! Finally!

What’s more this time we have gotten a event here in Beijing! My city! How lucky! I’m sure I will be there instead of developing at home.

I was always playing other people’s LD games, just a few months ago I have never dreamed that one day I will be able to develop my own game or take part in a game jam. But now I’m here, how exciting! I’ve told a lot of friends this good news tonight and translated the messages and booked tickets for them, we are all in!

I’d like to meet more friends during this event! Here I will list my tools just like others did:

  • Language: C#
  • Engine: Unity
  • Art: Photoshop+Wacom
  • Music and Sound Effects: not sure yet
 Good luck everyone!

Just a reminder (and some shameless advertising)

Posted by
17 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 12:00 pm

Those looking for teams for any kind of game can subscribe to and make a post there. It’s a small community but is growing, and I hope I can make it a great place to collaborate on games. Good luck to everyone!

Looking for a game designer / programmer – UE4

Posted by
19 hours ago | August 1st, 2015 9:50 am

Hello there, I’d like to participate to the LD33 !
I’d like to join a team or team-up with someone else, we can work by voice with Skype.

I’m learning UE4 for 3 weeks atm to be operationnal, I can make 2d or 3d assets (Blender, Zbrush) and some music.
I’m looking for game designers / programmers / musicians !

Tell me in comments !

Links to my previous solo LD :

Natural Weapon

Oshters Fishers




Hi all,

This is going to be my first LUDUM DARE, i am ***** excited… I take my weapons, lock and load:

*Language: GML
*Engine:Game Maker Studio
*Art:, PyxelEdit, Aseprite
*Sounds: Bfxr, MilkyTracker


I’m in – my rookie Ludum Dare!

Posted by (twitter: @GraySull)
1 day ago | August 1st, 2015 1:44 am

Hello all, I finally decided to join Ludum Dare this time around!

Bought lots of drinks & snacks for the 48 hour weekend.

I’ve seen a lot of people listing their tools, so I will, too:

  • Language: Java
  • Engine: My custom engine (2D)
  • Art:
  • Sounds: Audacity

Good luck everyone!

I’m in!

Posted by
1 day ago | August 1st, 2015 1:44 am

This will be my first ludum dare entry, and I’m super excited! I did the 61 mini-LD and had a bunch of fun with it:


Good luck to everyone else!

Sincerely and with utmost respect,


We’re in… 2.5D

Posted by
1 day ago | August 1st, 2015 1:11 am

We’re in again this time after an unanticipated break from the previous few LDs due to study commitments, We have made sure to have time this time around are are keen to try out our new game engine thingo we’ve been working on.

It’s an isometric, well, 3D, but, kinda 2d game engine. 3D coordinate system, mapped and rendered into 2D isometric in java with lwjgl. You can rotate around in 90 degree increments to get a feel for a 3d world.


I’m in… finally!

Posted by
1 day ago | July 31st, 2015 3:20 pm

I thought about it for a while and always had a different excuse to not take part, but now I’m finally in the next Ludum Dare.

My tools of choice will be:

  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • …what ever else I may need!

Looking forward to sleeping even less than usual!

One for all, all for one?

Posted by
1 day ago | July 31st, 2015 1:41 pm

I looked into the tools page and I discovered quite a few things that would assist a game developer, however I was wondering where is the line drawn when it comes to programming? As someone who is interested in this (quite a lot actually) I know for a fact 3 weeks is not enough time to learn any language to make a game. On the other hand, I have been playing around with Scratch for about 2 years now, and I have made quite a few games like that. Styncyl, seems to have a similar style, although I feel much more comfortable using something I already know. In scratch I realize I will not be able to publish it as my own work because it’s using someone else’s program, and there are many restrictions about making games off of scratch and using it for personal use. However it is something I want to attempt and I was wondering if Scratch is a viable option in the upcoming Dare.


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