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March 28th, 2018 9:53 am

Hi guys!

My last entry was for ld26 (wow) and I want to participate to the next one but I can’t log in with my legacy username and password.

Do I need to create a new one or is there a step that I missed? I didn’t find the answer online.

Hope to test your games soon!


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  1. rburema says:

    You should go to the new site, and make a new account. I think I remember that _if_ you use the same email address to sign up, the old account would get imported into the new one at some unspecified point in the future (I wouldn’t get my hopes up, but the thought that it might happen has been sufficient for me).

  2. Roysterini says:

    I was hoping to keep my username and use the same login details. 🙁

  3. rburema says:

    I think you can just put in your old username/password combo as the new account as well? Might be better in fact, less chance of confusion. They’ll just be two separate accounts (for the time being) as far as I understand.

  4. rburema says:

    What I meant is; there’s nothing to prevent you from doing that.

    Just use the same email/username/password combo to register to the new site, and you’ll have the new account with ‘the same’ info on the new site, and a separate old account here on the old site. As long as the email matches, there was some vague promise to import the old account into the new one at some point.

  5. PPLo says:

    Thank you for your replies!
    I’ll create a new account then…

    See you guys on the other site!


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