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February 26th, 2018 6:40 am

I’ve been blogging a bit this month about pygame stuff (python game library).

I kind of wish there was a new ld48 on much sooner. Oh well.

Anyway, you can follow my pygame development updates on here: It’s a mixture of stuff about SDL, SDL2, multiplatform development, website development, raspberry pi stuff, and a healthy dosage of python related nonsense.

Which I should probably get back to rather than write on an old website that’s probably going to get closed down any day now?

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  1. toasty says:

    o/ illume!

    That’s great, I’m always interested in SDL and Python-related nonsense in particular :)

    If you’re searching for jams, here are just a few other places you can look between LD48s:

    – A similar but alternate jam community, at, where there are 48h jams as well as more frequent, relaxed jams (called Kajams). [Disclaimer: I’m involved in this community as well as the Ludum Dare one.]
    – A mind-blowing number of jams are also mentioned at – have a look and take your pick! :) – a one-hour jam which runs every Saturday! It’s very relaxed and oodles of fun.

    Not sure if/when this site will be closed down. That sure would be a shame, though :(

  2. alanricker says:

    I’m always interested in SDL and Python-related!
    Spanish dictionary definitions, bullet force multiplayer

  3. Patricia6555 says:

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  4. heenacruzl says:

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