Alakajam! launches a month-long event

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October 17th, 2017 7:31 am

 Last Friday started the 1st Kajam, a regular event inspired by MiniLDs. The main difference with MiniLDs is that Kajams are actually rated competitions, focused on learning a specific aspect of game development.

For this month, the topic is Game Juice! The goal is to make a small game with the best Game Juice (or Game Feel) as possible.


  • Oct. 13th – Nov. 19th: The jam. You have around one month to work on your game and submit your entry! (see also the event rules)
  • Nov. 19th – Nov. 26th: The rating phase. For one week, all entrants will rate how juicy the other games are – and that’s it: no Overall, no Originality ratings, just Juiciness!
  • Nov. 26th: The definitive rankings of the most juicy games are announced :)


A list of videos and articles on game juice/game feel is available on the announcement post.

Bonus: 1st Alakajam results

In case you missed it, our 1st Alakajam! competition took place late September with Alchemy as a theme, and a total of 58 games submitted. Here are the winners:





6 Responses to “Alakajam! launches a month-long event”

  1. ajayajayaj says:

    I like Alakajam and all but it looks kind of weird being the most prominent thing on the LD page, more prominent than the next LD ad.

  2. Silver_Kovy says:

    I’ll consider entering the thing is I’m still learning and the next type of game I was hoping to try is either a diabloesc rpg or a turn based divinity style only on much smaller scale. We’ll see I guess.

  3. lindabraus says:

    Download our app for free, and then subscribe for access to live game day audio and video. When you find something interesting, you can tap on it to find out more.

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