October 14th, 2017 11:21 am

Originally a Mini Ld 67 game inspired from Sokoban, the early prototype has been revisited and turned into Résonance, a brand new game published on both PC and Android platforms.

I am looking back for feedback so I can improve this one as well as my future projects!

Résonance is a puzzle game where you have to lead a self-moving box toward the shiny goal, using the different elements standing in the level. Sound easy, right? So why not try it by yourself?

You can either download it for Android (click here)

Or PC (click here)

Or just try the demo in your browser (no hard mode, only the 20 first levels)

Résonance 620


4 Responses to “Résonance”

  1. Wan says:

    I tried the WebGL version on itch.io up to level 17. While the gameplay and presentation look good, a couple things made me raise an eyebrow:

    – There’s no “Ready” button to make the cube(s) start sliding, which is a bit frustrating because the 11 first levels were quite easy
    – When clicking arrows, I would expect them to cycle in clockwise fashion, not this hard-to-remember order. I don’t mind having to double-click to distribute cubes like in level 12.
    – A more minor nitpick, but when I first started playing, it was not clearly stated which direction the cube would take. I eventually learnt it with practice, but a dumb arrow while the cube readies could be welcome. (Note: that arrow could even be animated to serve as a more immersive progress bar than the current plain rectangle)

    Again the presentation is good & the levels start to get pretty interesting at #12, congrats :)

    • Thank you for your comments!
      I definitely think you’re right about the frustration caused by the time allowed for the firsts levels.

      I have planned to do some minor bug fixes in the upcoming update, I’ll probably add a button and a quick indication arrow to the game at the same time.

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