Open Jam Starts This Friday Oct 6th!

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October 3rd, 2017 1:35 pm


Open Jam is a game jam with 🖤. At Open Jam, you build an open-source videogame over the weekend, rate other creators’ games, and compete for a chance to have your game featured at All Things Open, a premier open source conference. We wanted to host a jam that promotes open source games and game creation tools. That’s why we’re teaming up with to bring you Open Jam, a game jam dedicated to doing just that.

How is Open Jam Different?

There are other jams that require the game source to be submitted. What we wanted to do with Open Jam is promote not only open source games, but open source game creation tools as well. This jam encourages use of open source game engines, authoring tools, and platforms, and Creative Common assets, and to link those tools in your submission. Anything open source in your game creation process is encouraged! That is why we are hosted by and winners games will be featured All Things Open conference. Open Jam is all about open games and open game development.

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8 Responses to “Open Jam Starts This Friday Oct 6th!”

  1. Chaoslab says:

    Short story about Mig (short for migrate)
    In 2014 I wrote a command line utility to deal with changes to my core game source code base and Ludum Dares. Wanted an easy way to make a new project and then pull the changes back after the compo.

    You have one source project (like a planet) and destination projects (like satellites or Ludum Dares).

    Each project has it’s own .mig.xml file containing the projects location and settings.

    Files can be specified directly (good for image files like bitmap fonts for example) and file types can also be specified with a tag that will be used to identify the file for syncing. ( E.g. I use .java ::MIG::java:: and .xml ::MIG::xml:: )

    You push from the source and pull from the destinations.

    By keeping all your .mig.xml project config files in one directly and invoking location/*.mig.xml all the project files are processed.

    With one command line you can push / pull / update all of your projects at once.

    Certainly beats copying source code around and to create a new project from scratch is just a case of making the project .mig.xml file and push from source (and then create 2 files and working on automating that part too).

    I use GIT as well as Mig is a dangerous tool, it copies files about!

    My favorite thing about it is solving problems between projects which does not happen on a large separated projects. I like too call it “pollinator coding” as it feels like being a pollinator a bit going from flower to flower and leveraging the connected problem solving.

    Currently putting the finish touches on a Release version which takes a development build and makes a full release from it in an automated fashion. A small build script it used that also uses tags in the source code and copies the resulting .class files (and inner classes) to the release build location.

    No doubt Mig can used for software configuration management too.

    Mig doesn’t care what language you code in, it just process files and file types with tags.

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