Poll: What would be your ideal rating categories?

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August 22nd, 2017 4:35 am

If you were to reinvent Ludum Dare, what rating categories would you pick?

We have a poll going on currently at Alakajam!, for a new 48-hour long competition held in between Ludum Dare events. Among the topics we’re trying to figure out, we’re wondering what would be a good improvement over the current rating  categories, which are as we speak: Overall, Graphics, Audio, Fun, Innovation, Theme, Mood & Humor.

If you have suggestions, make your voice heard by answering this quick form! Thanks for your contribution :)

EDIT: The submissions are now closed, thank you everyone! You can see the results over there. If you’re interested in joining us, the first competition will be held on the 22-24 September week-end, see you there!


Alakajam! competition categories form


5 Responses to “Poll: What would be your ideal rating categories?”

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