Let’s Create: Dice Hunter!

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August 17th, 2017 8:44 pm
Hi there,
Here’s another one for my Neil Creates series where I recreate the dice mechanics of Dice Hunter. It’s a great game!
This is a series where I try to recreate some assets, art style, gameplay mechanics, and other components and/or elements that make up other games. I also share some techniques and best practices that I learned so far while recreating previous works of art. Enjoy!
Play. Learn. Create.
YouTube Playlist: http://bit.ly/2tI5mUh
Texts, Screenshots, Code Snippets: http://bit.ly/2eSbRBe
If you have comments, suggestions, recommendations, please do comment, I may have made an error here and there and I’ll be more than honored to learn more. And if you enjoy the series, please do subscribe to be updated for more.

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3 Responses to “Let’s Create: Dice Hunter!”

  1. alexander_3 says:

    Hi Neil
    Great stuff – could you share some of your work on our makeapp.club.
    We’re a small community of digital making enthusiasts from Poland and the UK.

  2. DanielWeston says:

    A fantastic game that is anything but difficult to learn yet remains immensely fun. The game works like a prison crawler whereby as opposed to utilizing ordinary skills, you use 6 dices to play your way through the levels. By rolling a particular side of the bite the dust, you can deal damage, or simply satisfy certain field conditions to progress your gameplay. https://www.assignmentempire.co.uk/

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