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July 27th, 2017 1:11 pm


I’m still working on my game of the last jam over here which I hope to release very soon.

I’m currently adding options for atmosphere settings. There are now well over 200 settings including solar system generation, gameplay settings, physics and lots of visual settings like this.

All these settings are also used for randomizing everything on the press of a button so every game can be completely new generated. But you can also unlock all the different settings for you to tweak and save as your own custom presets. You can shoot projectiles the size of planets or create massive destructive shockwaves or make the goal to be destroy the most or shoot projectiles that bounce off the planets Peggle style or be on a moon orbiting your planet… there is lots that mixes things up.

In case you never heard of Dots In Space, it is basically shooting whole solar system to pieces while trying to destroy your opponents planet, it share a good amount of resemblance to the Worms games but here you have to take the gravity of the planets and sun in account and if you are not careful your projectiles might come right back to you. Here is the old jam page:

Here is how that looks:

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  1. modandroidapk says:

    Great. This will be a desirable game. Thank you!!! <3

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