MiniLD #74: CoopJam

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June 26th, 2017 1:15 pm


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The aim of this MiniLD is collaboration.


Make a game. Find as many ways to work together as you can. If you’re struggling, here are some suggestions:

  • work in a team;
  • use somebody else’s engine/assets/tools;
  • create an engine/assets/tools for others to use;
  • discuss the direction of your game with others;
  • playtest others’ games;
  • have somebody else choose your theme/suggest one for others;
  • share food and gamedev tales;
  • create a multiplayer game and let the players work together.

Looking for a team, engine or assets? Respond below, or leave your own comment describing: 1) what you can/want to do; 2) what you’re after; 3) how to contact you. You can also ask in the #ludumdare IRC channel on

Want to advertise some of your creations? Leave a comment below detailing where people can find them, and any relevant documentation, etc.

Already have a team? Team up with someone else, include new people, or try some of the other suggestions.


Starts: June 26th. If you’re reading this post, it’s on: what are you waiting for?!
Ends: 00:00, July 28th, wherever you are, or longer if you need it.


If posting assets/code for others to use, please ensure the conditions of use are clear.

If you want to bend or break the rules, that’s also cool. Just have fun and *be nice*.

Theme suggestions (optional)

There’s no mandatory theme, but if you need some inspiration, choose one or more of the following:

  • sanity (or lack thereof);
  • chaos remixed;
  • The Sponge;
  • overseer;
  • underling;
  • SWARM;
  • denial.


  • Several people have said they’d be more inspired to create co-op multiplayer games rather than creating cooperatively. That still sits nicely with the theme as far as I’m concerned, so if making multiplayer games is your thing, go for it!
  • I’ve been asked a couple of times if the deadline can be extended, so people can finish their games. Of course! This is only a MiniLD so the rules are quite relaxed anyway, but I’ve changed the date above. Enjoy! :)

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46 Responses to “MiniLD #74: CoopJam”

  1. TimBeaudet says:

    Great idea toasty! Collaborating is a lot of great fun.

    If anyone is looking to try a different toolset, I’d like to offer TurtleBrains (a portable framework for rapid 2D game development in C++). I’ve been working on it for 4 years and would like to hear where what is working well, or what areas need improvements. (

    I also offer to collaborate with you, as a wanna-be-artist and provide mediocre (at best) 2D-vector art to your game, and any extra help you might want with TurtleBrains framework. I’ll have 16-20 hours free during the weekend, July 1st/2nd.

    Find me on #ludumdare – or on twitter @timbeaudet

  2. tjxx says:

    If anybody is looking for a programmer, I will be happy to offer my services. I mostly work with 2D in JavaScript+PhaserJS and Unity, but can also do a little 3D as well.

    If you’re interested, you can reach me via email at I’ll be available in evenings, and most of each weekend.

    • Hey tjxx!

      I’d like to expand my experience with Phaser actually, might be a good opportunity if you don’t mind bringing me up to speed? If you’re considering any network multiplayability (word?), I can help there.

      I posted below in this thread my other areas of expertise if you feel I could be useful for any other aspects.


      • tjxx says:

        I’m not on Twitter atm, otherwise I’d send you a message on there, but I’d be more than happy to help bring you up to speed with Phaser. I’ll admit it’s been some time since I’ve last used it, but I should be able to remember most of it. There is a possibility of incorporating network interoperability in the game, and that actually is one of my personal weakpoints, so it would be great if we can work together on that as well.

        Please reply to me either here, or my email at

  3. sorceress says:

    Nice to see a minild again!

    I have missed this website too.

    Just like old times. 😀

  4. GabeMalk says:

    This ideia is so cool! Really enjoyed it! I’m going to be quite busy for the next week or so, but I would gladly help anyone! I’m a game designer and writer, I can help with these things and I could also playtest your game.
    Hit me up at .

  5. euske says:

    Hey, I’m looking for an “engine buddy” – someone who’s making their own game engine/library. The deal: I’ll use your engine and suggest improvements and all, and you’ll use mine

    For anyone who’re interested, reply me in this thread or I’m in the IRC.

    • toasty says:

      Great! I’ve got a small project off the ground with euskit now, and hopefully will be able to share something in a few days. In case you’re interested, euske, I’ve been working on a TypeScript library here: Despite the name it really is more of a library, but has decent state management, an event system and an ECS, among other things.

  6. Ilverbrohl says:

    Hello everyone!

    I’m a (relatively) new coder, and it was recommended that I check out something like Ludum Dare or a similar project in order to stretch myself and my programming skills. Particularly since the theme of this mini LD is Collaboration, I’m keen to establish some small group of coders to get together to collaborate to build our game.

    Being new to coding is fine. I’m not really expecting to win this, and am much more interested in doing this as a fun and learning experience. If you’re on board with that, feel free to join up!

    I’m mostly open to what the game will be about, and even to a certain extent what programming language the game is written in (though I’m personally leaning towards LWJGL, as I have a little more experience there than I do with other languages.) If you have any other questions or queries, feel free to ask!

    If you want to contact me, please reply to this comment (if/when we do get around to collaborating on a project, I’m fine with using most pretty much any form of social media – e-mail, Facebook, and Discord all come to mind as good options – though live conversations might be difficult, depending on our respective time zones.)

    • KeziahMason says:

      I am interested if you are still up for this? I’m a programmer mostly. We’ll definitely get something done and have fun trying!

    • r1cebank says:

      I am very interested working with you. I am a programmer, I use Javascript mostly for work and recently I am using Unity for game development. I know Java and love to get to use a Java based game engine.

    • Newagegamer says:

      If you want a Composer (if its not too late) Id be glad too help 😀 I may not be the greatest Composer in the world But i can play the piano and do some digital music 😀

      Discord: NewAgeGamer#7066

    • KeziahMason says:

      my discord is KeziahMason#1728, I’ve sent a request to you Newagegamer. Anyone else, add me, I guess we can create a server. I haven’t used discord before, does it allow offline messages to be sent?

      • KeziahMason says:

        If we have a composer and coders maybe we could make a sound/music based game of some kind, rather than a reliance on primarily visuals? also we might be better off using unity (c#) to get more done faster at this stage, given at least 2 of us are familiar with unity, and also the LWJGL is more a low level framework rather than a game engine. c# as a language is very similar to java.

  7. M2tias says:

    I think I’ll try to attend. My weekends are full most of the summer, but I have an idea ready. Should be easy… like always, right? I’m going to participate by manipulating toasty to change the rules and by making a co-op arcade game. Maybe I’ll ask for someone to help me, but most likely I’m going at it solo.

    If someone really likes me and is good with sound, I could use some music and sound effects :)

  8. Really like this idea!

    I’ll probably only have time to collab Friday 30th June, Saturday, and Sunday evening.

    The parts I can help with:
    -Tools / Engine dev (I’ve had the bad habit of not finishing LD games because of this!)
    -Programming (HTML5/JS/TS, Unity C#, Flash AS3)
    -Music & SFX (latest track
    -Network Programming ( & NodeJS but may require a dedicated server, or PHP for simpler turn-based gameplay)
    -Graphics with Photshop/Aseprite (if you like programmer art lol)

    Or if you just need someone to bounce some ideas with, I’d like to hear them and brainstorm something together even if I may not ultimately play a huge role in the development.

  9. ReactorScram says:

    Toasty and myself are thinking about making some top-down 2D racing games that all share the same racetracks and possibly code.

    The racetracks would be Tiled .tmx format, CC-BY-SA.

    For my game I may augment the tracks with 3D tiles to show off Colorado’s 3D features.

    Toasty and TimBeaudet are going to make their game with Tim’s engine, “TurtleBrains”.

    Our techs are both C++-first so we may share code as well. My code is usually AGPL but I may weaken it to Mozilla license if it’s needed.

    Toasty, Tim, please correct anything above.

    • toasty says:

      I think this is a great idea! I’ve got the tilemap working in my game with a little bit of tweaking (I had to rename a couple of the tilesets because the duplication was causing issues). I’ll post some screen shots when there’s more to show :)

  10. lebrokholic says:

    Looking for volunteers to create a 3d mobile puzzle game based on gravity forces (just imagine Portal but w/ different mechanics).

    Random details:
    – Unity game engine
    – Single player (however, might include multiplayer if there will be nice coop puzzles created)
    – Android, iOS (might be PC and OSX btw)
    – Minimalistic graphics (e.g. Mirror’s Edge)

    Some of the roles you might like are:
    – Creative designer (to brainstorm and design puzzles)
    – Level designer (to implement puzzles in Unity)
    – 3D artist (to create 3D stuff)
    – Composer (audio is everything for a good atmosphere)

    Feel free to ask me more or join my team.
    I am reachable via or

  11. Nateddwag says:

    Can the Collaboration theme be incorperated into the game? Ex: Player helps guy in endless runner

  12. moradenayet says:

    Sound designer looking for a team here, I’ve got about 7 years of audio experience and have done one other game-jam. I don’t really compose but I can if the need arises, I will list my artist link below. Looking forward to making some awesome stuff with you guys!

    My Website & Portfolio:

    My Music:
    Furniture Outlet:
    General Dread:
    Chrome Prophet:

  13. Wan says:

    FREE MUSIC ASSETS (mostly electro-oriented)

    I just gathered some tracks for use in your MiniLD games (or even in the upcoming LD if you like).

    Soundcloud preview:

    I hope you’ll find something fitting for your entry!

  14. ajsherwoodmusic says:

    Hey guys!
    Getting to the tail end of the jam, if anyone’s looking for some music or sound design hit me up, would love to work on a few games! :)

  15. tadashibashi says:

    Hello programmers and designers, I’d also like to lend my composition / sound design / audio implementation experience. If anyone’s using Unity or Game Maker Studio 2, I can also implement audio with Wwise.
    I’ll deliver fairly quickly if anyone still needs music/FX this late in the game. If so please send a message to Looking forward to collaborating!

  16. Waddell says:

    Just participated in my first game jam with this one. It was a great experience and pushed me in lots of good ways. Thanks for hosting it.

  17. Thanks for the deadline extension. I really rushed to get a working game done by yesterday evening. I wanted to go back and texture map the models in my game and add some new gameplay features. Now I won’t have to worry about keeping a separate jam and post-jam builds.

  18. perdugames says:

    Almost finishing. Tomorrow I must finish, now sleep, dead here XD

  19. udo says:

    I really wanted to make something for this but couldn’t find the time :( so sorry!

  20. perdugames says:

    Sent, I forgot to get the FPS display. XD

  21. Nateddwag says:

    I’m excited for game judging today! What time is it expected to start?

    • toasty says:

      Hey Nateddwag! There won’t be any judging as this is just a casual MiniLD, but I promise to play all the games and give some feedback before the end of next week.

      In case you’re interested in more feedback, I recommend also posting your game at, where they’re having a Feedback Friends event! Over there every entered game is guaranteed a playthrough video with feedback too 😀

  22. humble_ahitofel says:

    Hi, I have a question concerning about submitting my game after the deadline (which is way past now). I was making a multiplayer game for this jam, but as you probably can guess it’s not ready yet, but I would still like to submit it even if it’s a few days (or a week) after the deadline.
    I used a lot of time trying to implement online multiplayer which proved to be much more challenging than I anticipated (damn you webRTC). In all honesty, the game is far from ready, but it will be fun (I hope).
    So, would it be okay if I submit my game even if it’s very late?

  23. FellowPlayer says:

    Haha, I see another Ludum Dare is ready to go. Already recorded the first game but I am open to all recommendations if anyone would like to suggest one to me please let me know, send me the link.

    YouTube: Fellowplayer

  24. onnipajumaki says:

    I posted my game to wrong contest (this). How can I remove it?

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