I hope I posted correctly on the new ludumdare site..


At first I was (as always) with problems with the chosen theme. (Not knowing how to get out of the cliche).

I really enjoyed doing this game because i get out for my comfort zone. I’ve never done a graviade system like this, and usually my games are full of screen shake, and dash killing something.

I would also like to thank my girlfriend for helping me with the idea of ​​the game, and for the sake of comprehension, because I used a weekend that I would spend with her to spend in front of my computer. :p


I do not understand how the game will be played, but if you want, you can go play and comment.
If anything comes later for the vote, I ask you to also vote. 😀

giphy (4)



The game was very casual (for now), all you have to do is go to the planets, pick up the nectar from the flowers, and deliver to your hive. Among the planets, some bees that steal honey are flying from one side to another, you need to divert them so you do not lose the honey you are carrying.

Later, in a pos jam version, I will implement some things to attack other bees.

giphy (3)


============ Controls ============






About Audio

Unfortunately I could not produce any music in time. I’ll post a post-jam version later. =/



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