Feeling uninspired

April 23rd, 2017 12:24 am

Yesterday I completed a world editor thing that made spherical planets.

Today all I really accomplished was shoving that inside a UI.

day2-1 day2-2

I think my lack of enthusiasm is partially due to the fact that I seriously dislike the chosen theme, and also that it’s kind of hard to build a fun game out of a planet drawing program.

As you can see by the above screenshots, my game assigns certain properties to planets (although the density property is not configured yet) and the idea was that you would try to create planets to sell to some set of buyers – my ideas included housing companies and aliens – who each would look for something particular in the planets they were buying.

I think I might simply go to bed – four hours earlier than last night! – and see if I’m feeling more inspired tomorrow. 😐

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  1. Jishenaz says:

    What I’m working on also involves planets, but I do not intend to make a game out of it, but instead a “digital sandbox”.

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