I’m in!

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April 21st, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey folks! I’m in again, this will be my 3rd time participating!

Last time i blew my expectations away by getting #29 most innovative and 90# most fun game, with my Space Captive entry.

I can only hope that i come anywhere close to that this time, the theme is “Small World” and i’m not exactly excited about it, as i usually like to incorporate the theme in the game mechanics in a interesting way, but this time trying to come up with some ideas i’m mostly blank.
I did come up with one idea of having a small round world platformer, that you can see most of it on your screen and you can run around, but the idea of not having isometric(is this even the right word for it?) coordinate system scares me and will definitely be a challenge. Especially because i’m by no means good at gamedev.
Here’s a rough sketch of what i am planning to make…
Also this is type of game that would really benefit from a good artist, rest assured i’m not one.(as you can probably tell by the sketch :D)

So my hopes for this entry is that i can at least get something working up at all.

Tools:I will be using Gamemaker
I will also stream my work on twitch, so come say hello!

Good luck and have fun everyone in LD38!!

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  1. Cerno_b says:

    Dammit, I return from planning breakfast and the first thing I see is my idea! Oh well, I guess it was a little too obvious. I’ll stick to it anyway. Good luck with yours!

    • negativice says:

      Haha, yeah well this theme isn’t the best for diversity, i imagine pretty much everyone will have a world..
      Good luck you too! Might check yours out when the event ends :)

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