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April 21st, 2017 9:18 am

about that we can’t use made assets does that include models we have created or assets other people created like assets from the asset store in unity and thanks and when will the competition start and how do we create teams and can we post help about something while the competition is running and or can we surf the web about it and thanks

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  1. udo says:

    You have two options: a) don’t use pre-existing assets. Period, no exceptions. b) you don’t do the Compo, you choose to do the Jam instead. The Jam has different rules, and you CAN use pre-made assets in the Jam.

    Go to to see when the competition starts. You can create teams by making an account on and then adding friends. Of course you can ask the web for help during the competition.

  2. takusan says:

    As for the assets, if you’re trying for compo – everything must be created from scratch during the 48 hours. In jam category you can use pre-existing assets. Co, in compo aim for simpler visuals and sound.

    As for the web-surfing and all – the main purpose is to have fun and learn, so of course you can look up for solutons to your problems, just don’t copy the code blindly. In compo you’re rquired to share the source code, so if it’s just some tutorials slapped together, it won’t be received well.

    The competition starts when the timer on hits 0. You have 48hrs for compo submission and 72 for jam category.

    Good luck!

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