YAY! I am in!

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April 20th, 2017 7:57 pm

This will be my 9th Ludum Dare, and 3 years since my first!

I’m trying a new strategy this time around. Instead of waiting for the theme to decide on the game I am going to build, I am going in with an idea and will use the theme to influence either the thematic elements or the mechanics. I figure this will eliminate the considerable time I waste trying to come up with an idea… we’ll see.

I’ll be using MonoGame, C#, VS2017 along with a branch of my my own framework/engine here¬†https://github.com/srakowski/coldsteel, per the rules feel free to use it too :p.

Audio will be sfxr (or a variant), Audacity, Bosca Ceoil, and maybe I’ll try some of the tools listed in the last mini jam.

Graphics will mostly be Gimp, Paint.NET, Paint, and Inkscape, but I picked up Pyxel Edit and Spriter in a Humble Bundle so I may employ those as well.

I’m also anticipating doing some live streaming on YouTube here¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRuD5EmUMu-JAi_AW5jJLw

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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  1. MiniBobbo says:

    I was thinking I might mix it up this time around and find an idea that uses ALL the themes. Here’s my idea:

    A survival simulator on a floating ISLAND in the sky, sort of like a WORLD IN THE SKIES. There is a hunger and thirst bar that are represented by TWO COLORS and all the different items tie to one of those colors. YOU ARE ALONE on the island and you START WITH NOTHING but quickly find a bladed shovel that is ONE TOOL MANY USES. There is a day/night cycle that incorporates DARK/LIGHT and you can always wait around, but PAUSING HAS CONSEQUENCES because you lose hunger and thirst if you do. EVERYTHING HAS A COST from these two bars. The island is A SMALL WORLD.

    The game plays like Dwarf Fortress where you give orders to the one survivor, so YOU CONTROL THE GAME, NOT THE PLAYER, but your goal is to KEEP IT (him/her) ALIVE. If you do fail and your survivor dies don’t worry! DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING and another unlucky sap ends up crashed in the same location (maybe this island is in the Bermuda Triangle of Airship lanes?)

    I’m still missing PARALLEL DIMENSIONS, ON/OFF, and INCONVENIENT SUPERPOWERS, so I’m sure one of those three will win…

    I’m not actually going to do this because that is a crazy scope for a game jam. But it is fun to imagine!

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