April 20th, 2017 1:48 pm

For everyone participating:

Make sure to prepare a schedule where you can take in some food.
I know from experience that not having a propper meal can ruin your flow.


Here’s my prep work done (feel free to ask for the recipe, I might share):

Prep good food 1/2

Prep good food 1/2

Prep good food 2/2

Prep good food 2/2








2 Responses to “Prepare”

  1. Slothmachine says:

    Looks tasty. Post recipe or link or something :)

  2. SojaBird says:

    Chicken Tandoori:
    – Cut a chicken in pieces (remove feathers first).
    – Bake till gold/brown.
    – Add vegies (mine were spicy stuff, leek, red union, some red chili-pepers, common green peper. Add more when desired or get an all ine one mix pack).
    – Make vegies shrink in a bit.
    – Add about 1 cup water (100 ml)
    – Add tandoori spices (I get mine from a pack in the store, lel).
    – Mix it all up!
    – Make it boil while styring for about 1 min or so (medium/low fire).
    – Turn off the fire and plop in 100 mil-liters creme fraiche.
    – Mix till uniform orange color.

    Serve on top of white rice (sticky or dry).
    ENJOY hehe :p

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