Hello again guys! It’s that time again!

I can’t believe this will be my¬†eighth entry! I started the LD in 2014 having just turned sixteen and finishing my secondary school, now I can’t believe I’m wrapping up my first year at Uni!

But what’s worse is that in all that time, I never strayed from the comfort of GameMaker (went from D&D ion 8 to GML in Studio)! I’ve dipped my toes into Unity before and never got the confidence to try it properly, though I know some C# decently well and have used three or four languages since then.

So this time, I considered using P5.js in conjunction with P5.play to make my entry, but I’ve spent the last month of my time using p5.js for an assignment and it’s not really built for games. So! For this entry I shall be using Unity! Finally! What’s that? Have I practiced? Gods, no. Not even slightly. I’ve been revising for exams, anyhow. It’s going to be a complete disaster and I’ll be dragging my friend who’ll be drawing for me in with the ride. But hell, it’s the 15th anniversary, I couldn’t let this slide without a little celebration of my own.
Now, sadly I’ve more revision to get back to. Be ready for beautiful awfulness, friends!


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