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April 20th, 2017 5:31 pm

So I’m traveling again during Ludum Dare and will have limited time to participate but I’m hoping to put something together.  I figured since I have limited time I would actually get my workflow set up and get ready to go before the event so I didn’t spend an hour getting things ready like I normally do.  I figured I’d put together what I’m doing in case it would help anyone else out.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.  I always like seeing how everyone else sets up their workflows, so here’s mine.

The tools:


Language: Javascript

Platform: Browser (HTML5)

IDE: Atom (Ok, it’s not an IDE, and only a text editor, but still)

Graphics: GraphicsGale

Music: LMMS and Atom are new to me, so I spent some time figuring out an easy way to develop, iterate, and test.  Here’s how I’ve got things set up:

Atom Setup:

I created a bunch of Atom snippets for some of the commonly used statements that I always forget the format of.  Not having an IDE means no code completion so this is extra important.

Atom snippets for some commonly used statements

Atom snippets for some commonly used statements

Now I can just type p + the command I want and it Atom builds the statement for me and I just have to fill in the variables.  I’m sure this will save me a bunch of time looking up syntax.


Phaser setup:

I created a basic template for Phaser games that I copied into a fresh directory.  I created a couple of states (Preload, Menu, and Play) so I didn’t forget any of them.  I also made sure to have the Phaser examples and Spriter project available for quick reference so I can look stuff up without leaving my editor and going to the web.

Atom Setup


I also learned that Python has a simple web server built into it, so I created a quick script to navigate to my LD38 directory and start the web server.  This is much simpler than setting up a local Apache instance or pushing to the web for testing.

web service start

A quick jump over to the browser and navigating to localhost:8000 and I’m good to go.  BrowserTest

Source Control and Repository setup:

This time I set up my Github repo in advance and created the remote connection in advance so I’m not Googling how to do it during the submission hour like I normally am.  If you want the boilerplate code it is up there now: Github repo


I also took the time to set up a spot on my website for my in process or finished game.  I use Joomla to publish to the rest of the site but that takes time.  This is quick and dirty with a simple index.html.  I also set up FileZilla to connect automatically so now I can one-click publish.

So that’s it.  Pretty simple but should stay out of my way and just work.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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2 Responses to “Actually prepared this time”

  1. fenwick says:

    Hey, I’m using Phaser and Atom too! Can you share your snippets?

    • MiniBobbo says:

      Sure can. I placed the snippets.cson up in the Github repo.

      All my snippets start with the letter p, so in Atom you can just type p and they all pop up. psprite gets you the sprite snippet, pgame gets you the new game snippet, etc.

      Not sure how much you’ve used snippets before but one gotcha that I came across is that if you already have a ‘.source.js’: line in the cson file you don’t want to add a second or random snippets randomly stop working. I wasted about half an hour Googling for that answer and never found it. I ended up digging into cson documentation. It was one of those obvious in retrospect sort of problems.

      Good luck!

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